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Super Luan

Everyone back away from Luan!

"I like to call these...NUN-CLUCKS! Hahaha! Get it?"

Oh my gosh, that's so punny. Gotta give credit to :icondandyandy1989: for the nun-cluck idea. You get hit by these, you'll be laughing for days.

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It would be cooler if it was Lightning

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Name: Luan Loud 

Hero Name: Light Show 

Superpower: Light generation 

“I will LIGHT the way! Hahahahaha! ...Get it?”
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Luan: I have a power, guys. Call me "SUPER PUN GIRL".
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Luan will cluck you up! :D
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Chickens? That's awesome!
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i need to tell you something
some cringe kid cartoon egg surprise youtuber stole your artwork 
You should really share a link or something to validate your claim. 
I actually had the idea to make a superhero version of Luan for 'DC Universe Online.' I'd likely call her either "Luanheart" (Play on the phrase "Lionheart") or "Clown Crusader" (Self- explanatory).
Her thing would be, she's tired of what a bad reputation clowns have been getting lately, especially with all the chaos and terror that Joker and his crew cause in the DC Universe. So, with help from her siblings (Mostly Lisa), she creates an arsenal of special weapons themed around her clowning and magic gear, and her primary weapons would be a shield that she's painted to resemble a gigantic pie, and a bow that launches arrows which look like rubber chickens, and plans to use them to become a superheroine and work with Batman.
She'd say something like, "I must fight evil to restore the good name of clowns everywhere! Though, I know that means those are some 'Big shoes' for me to fill! HA HA HA HA HA! Get it?"
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This is an awesome picture.  Luan is going to kill you with laughter!

(BTW, as someone who has an obsession with animation, you forgot to draw the collar on Luan's top.  Just saying as an observation)
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Honestly I think hydrokinesis sounds a bit better
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because if the squirt flower?
I don't know... a psychic field that makes people laugh themselves to death seems a pretty appropriate powerset.
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Very Cute & Cool Pic Of Luan! ;) (Wink) Great Work! 
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She ain't super in my world.
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Guess they're not nunchucks. They're nunchicks! XD
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