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JFM Studios Commission Guide 2020

I'm updating my commission prices!  Sorry to say, but I can't sell myself short right now.  Despite the price changes, everything is just about the same.  I‘m willing to accept anything to draw. I can draw cute, cool, scary, creepy, sexy, violent, romantic, weird–you name it. And for the record, I LOVE DRAWING OTHER PEOPLE’S OCs! 

Don't hesitate to ask me questions. Send me some references--that helps a lot! 

I can draw NSFW to a degree. I mean, I have my standards.  Let's say I prefer Playboy-esque pinups.  Keeping it classy, y'know what I mean?
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Hopefully, I'll have something for you to draw.

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Definitely eager to give you another proposal soon hopefully :)

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Looks like I’ll have to save up in the future.

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It's okay, dude. Once you order a new commission, I will but 100% effort into it like always! I saw your other comment, and yeah, Vizhound is an awesome artist.

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Cool. It’s not a problem though. But it might take a little longer for me to pay you. But it wouldn’t be the first time. ;)

When I have you do a new commission, I think I’ll have it be a continuation of the recent Lisa commission you did where Howie’s father confronts Hank and Hawk for assaulting Lisa. Here’s a commission if got of Howie and his father reunited-

(Commission) Family reunion

Pretty sad huh? :(

You can use this for reference When I’m ready to buy the commission.

Glad you also like the Lisa birthday drawing. I’m very pleased with it myself. :)