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A little cat with a big story to tell.
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i know this guy!

he certainly has a great story to tell...

i like how you've crafted him, with good wool materials and with nice green buttons for his eyes, giving him almost a cat's eyes feel.

the double-stitch on his mouth is also very cool too, with white thread and forming an ''X'' mouth on him, giving him an extra flair of style and of formation in his whole appearance...

all in all, its a perfect creation of your styx guy, and this was like seeing an old friend: a pleasant experience.

keep it up!

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what manner of story?

What are the materials used?

looks like plastic for the eyes due to the way the light is reflecting off it. Looks like a synthetic yarn, (but can't really tell from here), for the mouth, and stitching.

The body is some kind of synthetic felt? again, cant be sure.

All in all, good piece.

The ear shape and thumb like legs and arms give it personality while the (i'm assuming) plastic eyes give it a slightly jarring contrast that commands attention. Its the first place one is compelled to look.

The stitching technique confuses me a little. In some areas it looks like the french knot is employed, and in others the spiral is clearly visible, suggesting the backstitch.

While its messy, it is this very characteristic that gives it personality, complimenting the overall piece.

Good work. When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon)

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So cute I want one!

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His name tells a lot itself...

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