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Happy Easter 2012

I usually mark this time of the year with the ugliest bunny I can conceive of. This one may have benefited from my coming home in a terrible mood. Four hours later my migraine was gone and this had appeared on my laptop screen.
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AliveSuicideBoomer's avatar
its a good thing Easter Bunny dose not exist
hardcorecannibal744's avatar
God that is the best damn Easter Bunny I have ever seen hahaha! I love it.
kumpan's avatar
interesting character ...
Marsuwai's avatar
It kind of looks like Yoda. Or a Sith version of him.
Krag7's avatar
this is in four hours? the best i can conceive in four hours is an angular soldier with no background...
jflaxman's avatar
This was a very productive four hours. I've spent days on other pieces that didn't turn out nearly as well.
Krag7's avatar
ah, alright
ProofrockPilchard's avatar one could draw an uglier bunny. That's a compliment.
iseldomgiveashit's avatar
What are you using to create these? oh my gosh!
jflaxman's avatar
I've used a lot of different methods, but most of my pictures (including this one) start as pencil drawings which are scanned and re-opened in Photoshop. Most of the colouring is done in a new Multiply layer. Fine details and sharp highlights are added after the image is flattened. I posted a tutorial that covers the process in detail here [link]. I've since discovered new techniques that might be worth covering as well.
iseldomgiveashit's avatar
Woah thank you so much for actually replying, and in such a helpful way! :D :D
Xanness's avatar
Yep, that's our bunny. Oh, btw, I WANT TO LAY CHOCLATE EGGS TOO!
maryh1047's avatar
This is actually very amazing to look at. Creepily, it thats a word, i couldn't look away for a bit. Excellant work.
Tharkz's avatar
omfg lol and so on...

No seriously this thing really catches the eye, and then reading that it's supposed to be a bunny I had to laugh!
mb3d-fractals's avatar
TheSmashArtist's avatar
Someone's seen Braindead...
Brightraven9's avatar
D'aww, I want one of these! :heart:
JamesyHeap's avatar
beautiful haha
CuriousObjects's avatar
Hey man, I'm back on DA after along absence. You've been very prolific!

I love his. It reminds me of the 'Gremlins' movies from the eighties. Is this a deliberate reference to that franchise, in which cute things also turn ugly?
jflaxman's avatar
Great to have you back. This wasn't a deliberate Gremlins reference, though it might be a subconscious one. I only got to see those films at Naomi's a couple of years ago, and the cute becomes evil theme was mildly entertaining.
abylick's avatar
this is gorgeous! :)
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