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The Art Class

Here’s a rare glimpse of the goings-on at an exclusive Australian art school. After many years’ intensive training, three of its most promising students have nearly completed their major works. Pickle has used a fine brush to paint a striking esoteric sign which will challenge less enlightened minds’ ecological xenophobia. Peach has used a wider brush to paint bolder, more expressive strokes which will encourage the most hate-filled racists to renounce their bigotry. Having dispensed with brushes completely, Pear’s immersion in the media has produced a masterpiece with the gravitas of a genuine Rothko. The famous tutor Odo Klow directs these three prodigies unhindered by his lack of eyes, which would only be a handicap to connoisseurs of modern art. By way of compensation, his well-developed ears are attuned to the faintest cries of social injustice, and his one-note trumpet lets him drown out any voices of dissent. An original by Michael Leunig – the Epitome of National Greatness – hangs on the wall to inspire them further and bring a touch of humility to this group of gifted visionaries.

Note: As I’ve never had any formal training, let alone attended art school, I’ll admit this picture and description are entirely speculative, but my speculation is based on very real work I’ve seen at very real galleries!


If you download just one picture of a roller-skating shark today, you might as well download this one. And if you watch just one movie that pits Jason Statham against a giant prehistoric shark, a glass or three of rotgut should make it more enjoyable.

Khandarian Firebird

The Khandarian Directorate’s Firebird had barely entered service when the Collective launched its first attack. Most fighter squadrons still relied on the outdated Meteor, and suffered catastrophic losses to experienced Tarkavian pilots flying more advanced machines. Yet their sacrifice bought the Directorate time, and as autumn rain, winter snow, and eastern reinforcements brought the Collective’s advance to a halt, more Firebirds were built and deployed and more pilots were trained in their use. Although the Collective’s Aggressor is faster, the Firebird’s armour and firepower makes it a potent adversary, especially in the low-altitude battles being fought above the front.

Design Features

- The Firebird was partly based on the famous Hornet racer, which combined the largest practical engine with the smallest practical airframe. As this highly specialised aircraft was unsuitable for military use, the Firebird uses a similar engine, but has a longer fuselage, greater wingspan, larger fuel tanks, more internal reinforcement and provision for armour and armament. These changes make the Firebird slower than its ancestor, but easier and safer to fly, and its racing heritage lives on in its good handling and acceleration.

- The air-cooled radial engine has a larger frontal area than an inline equivalent, but its high power to weight ratio helps offset the increased drag. As it needs no liquid cooling system it is also more reliable and less vulnerable to combat damage – particularly important traits in remote parts of Verengea.

- A strong undercarriage and wide wheel base helps the Firebird operate from damaged, rough or improvised airstrips including straight stretches of reinforced road. When taxiing the engine cowl creates a large forward blind spot, making close co-operation between pilots and ground crews essential.

- The deep fuselage allows room for a large and surprisingly comfortable cockpit. A sliding bubble canopy provides good all-round visibility and an under-seat compartment – which can be accessed externally – can hold a small survival kit. When compared to Collective aircraft, early model Firebirds had crude radios and instruments, but reverse engineering and local innovation has helped address the difference.

- The Firebird’s main armament consists of four wing-mounted 20mm autocannons. As they need no synchroniser gear they have a slightly higher rate of fire but slightly lower accuracy than comparable nose-mounted guns. Though its low wings and large engine cowl restrict downwards visibility, the Firebird’s resilience makes it an effective ground attack aircraft; this example carries eight underwing rockets but many variants exist. Due to the extra weight of their weapons these Firebirds are best used alongside lighter, faster fighter escorts.

- This Firebird’s markings owe more to national allegiance than attempts at camouflage – a common choice for units that have come under friendly fire from troops unused to allied planes. The flames on the engine cowl recall those seen on Hornet racers and remain a distinctive and popular touch. The red and white Directorate diamonds are official symbols of the state, while the red drops used to record kills draw on ancient steppe traditions of marking oneself with an enemy’s blood.


It’s been too long since my last post, and I’ll have to apologise, once again, for being so slack at correspondence. At the end of last year/start of this one I took another break from drawing, as I’d done the year before, to start another renovation project. The last one saw me – and the woman I love – turn a house with a bad past into something habitable. This time round we got to turn a comfortable but dated house into something more in line with our tastes. Frances had a very clear vision of what she wanted from the start, and as a team we made it real – I generally did the messier work while she saw to finer details. For too long my idea of a home was the cheapest room for rent I could find with a bed, desk and power point, so I’m glad I had a bit of help from someone who desires more. Among other changes, the old colour scheme – pastel pink and powder blue – was replaced with black satin and gunmetal grey and an old floor got retiled. This might sound thoroughly bourgeois, but if you can do it, why the hell not?

The whole city of Hobart’s seen some big changes. As some old comrades may recall, my first impressions in 2014 were of a quiet, laid-back place, and while it’s still that way compared to larger mainland cities, it’s seen a lot of growth this year. Cranes have gone up all over town but the new construction work hasn’t met the demand for new housing. There’s also been some friction between new arrivals from the mainland and locals who are struggling to find vacant and/or affordable homes; meanwhile, on the city fringes, obviously empty buildings still get torched with depressing frequency. A brief xenophobe’s guide to state capitals: vacant buildings in Sydney are quickly surrounded by razor wire. Vacant buildings in Melbourne are quickly covered in dazzling street art. Vacant buildings in Hobart quickly attract petrol bombs. Apart from that it’s been great here!

Moving on to stranger things, I’ve read a lot more books this year. Instead of just going to secondhand shops to find the odd diamond among so much coal, we’ve bought books online as well. I’ve always been a fan of Chris Bunch for beer-and-pretzels entertainment; his writing clearly benefits from his time as a US Army Ranger and outlaw biker correspondent, but besides a lot of fast-paced action his books contain some surprisingly thoughtful and even enlightened views of the sort you get from someone who’s known a lot of very different people. Walter Jon William’s Dread Empire’s Fall was (despite its title) a light and fun space opera; Chris Wooding’s The Fade was set in a richly detailed, well-imagined, mostly subterranean world, but I felt it had some pacing issues, and I never really warmed to its oh-so-badass but not-so-convincing narrator/protagonist. Ed McDonald’s Blackwing was by contrast the best piece of grimdark fantasy I’ve read in the last ten years. Most of the action takes place in a heavily fortified border city on the edge of The Misery, a nightmarish no-man’s land from which even greater horrors come. The almost constant sense of dread is occasionally lightened by the mordant humour of a similarly tough and resourceful, but for me much more relatable, narrator/protagonist and excellent supporting cast. I’m still neglecting non-fiction to a greater degree than I should, but O’Connor’s Resurrection Science should be an interesting read. There’s still hope for the thylacine!

As far as my own projects go I’ve spent a lot of my free time mapping an alternative world (as opposed to an alternative Earth) and outlining its history. It’s going to provide a backdrop for a new dieselpunk series called Blood and Oil, which could be viewed as a Warbirds reboot – but unlike my old Scorched Earth series (which could be set in the same world at a later date) it won’t be grimdark through and through. I’ve been paying more attention to the way history’s been influenced by populations, resources, culture and environment. It owes more to Jared Diamond (especially his Guns, Germs and Steel) than any recent fiction I’ve read!

Going on what I’ve posted so far, reactions have been positive, though in a regrettable first I’ve blocked a user on DA. When I’ve poked fun at pop culture I know I’ve often come across as insensitive or even offensive; but there’s a point at which I draw a line, and this guy crossed it many times. Anyone with a lot of spare time and a high pain tolerance can follow the whole wretched business under my Gb-16 Falchion pic. For those who don’t know me so well I’ll add a disclaimer first: although organised religion isn’t for me personally, I know it’s a great source of strength and inspiration for some, and I’m not here to take that away. I just can’t let some statements go unchallenged. If someone’s going to be that offensive – not to mention just plain wrong – I’m going to hit back with hard facts. If I upset anyone else, so be it.

In much more edifying news, I’ve been almost overwhelmed by the often funny, often smart and nearly always positive feedback I’ve had in the last few months. I owe lots of people lots of replies, but I’m slowly catching up. It’s even better when comments have started conversations between viewers – my recent Social Justice Wars has prompted some related talk which I’ve learned a lot from too. As a wiser man than me once said, it takes all types to make a world – and on DA we’ve got them all!

Thanks again for your time, and good luck with your work,


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