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Girls Stamp

If you like girls, feel free to use. Orientation doesn't matter.
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Girls are better than boys
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This is so perfect. Whether it's my gender identity or my sexual orientation, the most accurate way to define it is by saying "I like girls". All those other words we use just makes it more confusing in my case.
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I like both boys and girls but not in sexual way.
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Why are people naming their sexualities below?? No one cares?
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I'm a girl and I love girls!!! <3
narutokurogane2013's avatar
then you're a lesbian
Lalunabluena's avatar
I identify as heterosexual And I like girls quite a lot 
Misty-Vixen's avatar
Could you possibly do one for pansexuals or bisexuals?
Pansexual could be something like "I like everybody"
And bisexual could be "I like both" ? its fine if you cant, but it would be awesome uu
caramellique's avatar
i'm bisexual and in a relationship with a girl~
hopehound's avatar
amg me too : D
NeonMantisShrimp420's avatar
No one would dare hate em, now would they?
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I'm asexual, but I can fall in love without wanting sex. 
And I have a crush on a girl.
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me too but i'm bisexual 
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im bisexual i like girls + boys
inapopovici's avatar
Yay ewe
I like both genders. eue
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I like girls, a lot eue Awesome stamp :D
Curtis1503's avatar
ya, i like girls~
Seraie's avatar
I'll use this
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