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Siguiendo la orilla del río la noche me reveló un antiguo pasaje.
-Instinto y sangre. En armas nos levantamos, al ritmo de tambores de guerra marchamos. Rumbo al templo, sin esperanza.-
Entendí entonces que para encender al espíritu primero se deberá incinerar al dogma y todos sus dioses...
Sin esperanza, una llama oscura guiará el último baño de estrellas fugaces.

-Viscera Vicarious- ( Autumn´s War Drum )
Todos los derechos reservados. 2013.
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excellent boulot
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Thanks! if you want you can check my most active portfolio at :
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V is for Viagra

Yeah, that ape is cool, also Puscifer

Good job here
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Great style man, you should do album covers.
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uh yeah it's really good work! keep it ;)
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i love all the details and dark lines, really gives it personality

great work

congratzz on dd :]
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i love this one! i think the best way to describe this is "new age." even if you don't believe in the theory of evolution, it still can really emphasize the similarity between humans and primates when you really look at it. i also love the logo at the top. :)
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I've drawn from the same photo, great work on it!
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really grate!
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this is better than starring at my chicks legs. and her legs are godly.
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looks similar to Pusicifer's V is for Viagara cover. excellent work and "some say the end is near" nice touch.
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Wow simply awesome, what background you used, the grey one ?
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teach me please master..
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teach me please master..
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best shake ever. ;) i'd also love to have this on my tshirt.
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Awesome piece, i love the details!! :)
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lookit all the pretty lines *.*
the eyes are so symmetrical I came to think you'd mirrowed it... but you didn't! O_o

beautiful, makes me think of some vintage poster :thumbsup:
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