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She is only three
But dynamite incarnate
In a small package
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Love is a sweet lie
Crazy emotional joy
Followed by sadness
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I lay awake
I wish there was an on/off switch for my mind. Instead I lay in bed, body exhausted while my thoughts run rampant. A million what if's and why not's, a thousand convoluted and overly complicated scenarios, at least ten insane conspiracies and the one they all have in common. You!
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20140604 214858 by jfdhfjug 20140604 214858 :iconjfdhfjug:jfdhfjug 0 0
The person you think you know is just the mask I wear, made from shadows plucked from dark corners and painted the color of flesh with a paintbrush made of lies
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Cal's Requiem
You said you would never leave my side,
such a pure and innocent heart.
Yet you let me drag you into my hell,
how could you have fallen so far?
You kept your word against my wishes,
and now our future is soaked in blood!
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Origami Lily by jfdhfjug Origami Lily :iconjfdhfjug:jfdhfjug 1 8 Butterfly mask by jfdhfjug Butterfly mask :iconjfdhfjug:jfdhfjug 0 0 My deviant Id by jfdhfjug My deviant Id :iconjfdhfjug:jfdhfjug 1 0
never whole again
You put the gun to my chest
then pulled the trigger
my love for you exploded
and sprayed across the wall
you said goodbye and walked away
never to be seen again
and all I have to remember you by
is this hole in my heart
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I can't help but ask,
why your always on my mind;
out of so many memories,
our's are all I seem to find.
...I tried my very best,
I gave you all of my heart;
but like all of the rest,
I'm the one who drove us apart.
It is too late for any regrets,
I can no longer stay this sad;
I have come to terms with us,
I have given up on what we had.
Though try as I might,
inspite of what I have said;
everyday is a brand new fight,
to get you out of my head!
:iconjfdhfjug:jfdhfjug 2 3
Lawn Ornaments by jfdhfjug Lawn Ornaments :iconjfdhfjug:jfdhfjug 5 1
-Luminous Twilight-
Special drugs that get you high,
neon flashes in the sky;
Spiraling visions within your head,
sanity hanging by a thread;
Unconscious temptation and blinding lust,
dying silently as you lose all you trust;
Alone once more as reality hits,
killing you softly bit by bit.
:iconjfdhfjug:jfdhfjug 1 1
-New Found Regret-
I once stood for all to see,
everyone looking and judging me;
Now I stand off in the back,
grasping shadows, cloaked in black;
From here I watch and think of the past,
reminiscing of friends 'cause I'm an outcast;
So in the darkness I sit, socially banned,
wishing my life had gone as I planned.
:iconjfdhfjug:jfdhfjug 0 0
-Lackluster Illusions-
Like a teddy bear I sit on the shelf collecting dust,
cherished but not loved;
a keepsake from better times.
Through glass eyes I see the world,
desolate and dark;
a twirling cyclone of fate.
So there I stay forever,
staring into oblivion;
hoping for love,
wishing for compassion,
thankful for life,
waiting for death.
:iconjfdhfjug:jfdhfjug 1 1
-A word from your shadow-
I walk the earth black as night,
like an anxious creature,
hiding with the setting sun;
Bound to the feet of my likeness,
and forced to follow their lead;
Only amongst the night am i free,
allowed to feel safe and secure;
Before once again i find myself ensnared,
longing to escape!
:iconjfdhfjug:jfdhfjug 2 4


natural phenomena
history repeats
we test the wind for danger
wounded animals
:iconyouinventedme:YouInventedMe 24 15
The Dancing Pen
When I was a little girl, I would peek over the kitchen table and watch my mother write.
On some days she would write a few well placed words.
Others she would write pages upon pages...
I watched her fight with her inner demons, and her pen was her strongest weapon.
The way she would write...
It was almost like she was dancing.
Curving her letters elegantly as she moved along the page.
Slaying one demon after another, their black corpses laying upon the page in the form of words.
It was beautiful.
As I got older I realized that I too had demons to fight.
So I drew my pen and practiced the art of penmanship.
Now like my mother, I too dance across the pages.
Leaving my demons behind me in a pool of black ink.
:iconpyrokatx3:PyroKatx3 1 2
Plus ten points for being oppressed
‘Poetry is pain’
A poet once told me
As if poems weren’t a celebration
As if the writing and reading of it
Weren’t a sweet illicit pleasure
As if songs didn’t remind me of eating oysters
Or of sunkissed laughter
Or of sex
As if to navigate the world with grace
One must first obtain a degree in suffering
As if the word ‘exploitation’ didn’t make my lips tingle
With the fullness of that sound—
How many times must we, the certified oppressed, beat our pain into new ghastly shapes?
It’s not the pain that makes a poem.
How can you love this
When you don’t understand
The pursuit of beauty is an escape from pain
A way to transmute our lives into gold
A secret recipe for immortality
(Despite everything)
:iconvolkeswagondaotaku:VolkesWagondaOtaku 2 1
Triumphant Decay by Chobek Triumphant Decay :iconchobek:Chobek 248 14 Bleach: Ichirin no Hana by iDNAR Bleach: Ichirin no Hana :iconidnar:iDNAR 14,911 1,286 Save Me by Qinni Save Me :iconqinni:Qinni 11,760 504
What I like about pokemon
             Over the past couple years Pokemon has become an incredibley popular universe for children all around the world.  Kids from 3 to thirteen are drawn to the simple plot, colorful characters, and the fantastic idea of traveling without adult supervision in a world of strange and powerful animals at their beck and command.  They flock to purchase and own anything and everything Pokemon.  But as many fans as Pokemon has, it has enemies.  Critics find Pokemon dull, redundant, annoying, cutsey, and basically downright insulting to their intelligence.  Surely it is made for children.  So why would I, a twenty year old college student, an intelligent (I hope) scholar be so taken by such a simple, childish, plotless TV show?   potential.  
              I look at pokemon and I see the potential of a facinating story.  Their culture is dominated by the juxtaposed relationship of human beings (the dominant "advanced" species) and pokemon (the "uncivilized" cultures
:iconhibbary:hibbary 1,679 773
Speedpaint - Gengar by LancerMoo Speedpaint - Gengar :iconlancermoo:LancerMoo 478 38 Music Penguin by B-Keks Music Penguin :iconb-keks:B-Keks 441 63 House, MD: House's Puppets by angelacapel House, MD: House's Puppets :iconangelacapel:angelacapel 1,745 533 Amaterasu... by Theerya Amaterasu... :icontheerya:Theerya 270 22


She is only three
But dynamite incarnate
In a small package
Love is a sweet lie
Crazy emotional joy
Followed by sadness
I wish there was an on/off switch for my mind. Instead I lay in bed, body exhausted while my thoughts run rampant. A million what if's and why not's, a thousand convoluted and overly complicated scenarios, at least ten insane conspiracies and the one they all have in common. You!
I lay awake
Just trying to get the thoughts out of my head
So out of sheer boredom I was searching online for something to keep me amused ...
I usually draw ... or write but I'm at a loss for creativity at the moment. :(
In my frantic search I came across a "How to" page for Cat Ears ...
So, whenever I get the money to buy the stuff to make them I am going to choose which style I want.
Why do they offer so many choices :| but Oh well all in due time
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Kevin B.
United States


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