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Yusakupham7Student Artist
dear Deviantart Staff Members!
I want to know why are you retiring deviantart old version?
my friends and everyone on deviantart love old version of deviantart.
Why don't you care?
Because you should care about it, everyone got good heart inside of them but you don't.
I hope you work hard to fix that nasty Eclipse bugs and mess?
Hello dear deviantArt staff members!
We all know you are working hard to fix Eclipse bugs and mess, and we are grateful for this. But we don't understand why you seem to be deaf to our reasons: I know running two sites is expensive, yet why don't keep the Green deviantArt instead of Eclipse?
Somebody says 90% of deviants will leave; don't know they source of information, yet I see thousand of comments and artworks against Eclipse forced release. You totally ignored the Sound of Silence Movement: is it really such an insignificant protest?

We are complaining because Eclipse is not perfect yet, and also (and mostly) because it seems you don't care about this. Please, give us an explanation, it is our right to know.
I love this community and it would be terrible to lose it just for a wrong layout.

Thank you for all your work to run our beloved site, hope you will do better and better and we'll have no more problems :dalove:
ikazon Writer

Hi there! First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts, it is appreciated. As a personal note to start with, having been here for several version changes, every time we've changed DeviantArt to a new version of the site (be it a full change of the site appearance and function or even just adding new features), we've had people say they don't like it. Even the old version of the site, which you are advocating for now, had complaints prior to and after its release. There always is a conversation about a majority, and how a majority dislikes one thing or another, and in many ways it's something we always do our best to be mindful of.

We were especially mindful of this when building and releasing the new version of the site to deviants. We've constantly monitored how people use the new version of the site compared to the old version, to make sure that the new version performs better in terms of the major features and functions of the site (e.g things like deviation views, favorites, and comments). This is important to make sure your art and other content is being seen. We took our time to make sure we built a version of DeviantArt that the community continues to engage with well, and we've spent the time since its initial release to beta testing in November 2018 to ensure it does well. Both in looking at data as well as listening to feedback from deviants in that time, we've also made many changes, tweaks, and additions to make the experience better.

I agree with you that the new version isn't perfect, but the goal isn't ever to make a final product. Rather, the goal is to make a better experience, and then iterate on it from there to continue to improve on that experience. This will allow us to bring deviants new and requested features, and introduce more that people can do on DeviantArt that we can't do when locked in to the old version of the site.

I hope that eases your concerns, and thank you again for reaching out. :)

Thank you so much for your kind answer (and sorry for spamming many of you with my comment)!
To tell the truth, I don't remember last version change, maybe because there were less differences between the two. Anyway, what you say sounds right. I'm a creature of habit(?), yet I'll do my best to get used to Eclipse, as you do your best to improve the site. Just one more thing: deviantArt has its own "personality", this is the most difficult change to accept.
Thank you again for your attention. Keep up the good work, guys! :)
TheSpiritOfSpiritsHobbyist Digital Artist

Happy birthday!

jezreeljay Digital Artist

Daisy thank you