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NATG VII Day 2 - Pit Jumper



This is my entry for Day 2 of Equestria Daily's Newbie Artist Training Grounds VII - A Pony in Motion / A Pony in Need of Direction

About a week ago, Ask Littlepip posted the reasonably well-known Internet Rule: "If it exists, there's a pony of it. No exceptions." This reminded me that, back in my early days as part of this fandom, I had done a few Google searches to see if I could find pony versions of reasonably well-known characters I liked. And I did find pony versions of the characters I searched for, with one exception: Pitfall Harry. So, when that rule was posted, I decided to do that search again to see if this exception to the rule had been corrected by someone in the intervening years. And although I did find some pony-related fanart of the Pitfall games, an actual ponification of Harry still did not exist.

But as you can see, it does now! I can't guarantee that the rule literally has 'No exceptions', but this particular exception has nonetheless been nullified.

As a side note, I have dubbed him "Pit Jumper", and he may reappear in the future. I may change his body color in the future, however, as the green coat doesn't stand out very well against forest/jungle imagery.

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Credit goes to Hasbro and Lauren Faust for creating MLP:FiM, and to David Crane and Activision for creating Pitfall.

BronyCon Art Challenge progress: 50 (out of 57)
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