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My friend Ozzy made a totally awesome portrait of me, in his fantastically cute and beautimous style. I'm super excited about it - enough so that I'm writing a journal entry just so I can gloat! I want my hair to do this in real life. ;D

It's always sad to lose a great talent in the art community, especially at such a young age. I didn't know him personally, but his work is inspirational and I encourage people to check it out.
So I got an invite to (thanks again, Mike!) recently which is the most amazing, inspirational time-waster imaginable. I've had loads of fun saving images and browsing various profiles to see what delicious imagery they have in store for me. It's a very simple concept that has been undertaken by a handful of sites recently, but I think the content at ffffound stays consistently high quality which makes it great.

What is NOT great are all the freeloading strangers emailing me and begging me for my invite. Each person gets one invite to give to a friend - which I gave away to someone the moment I got it. Even if I DID have it, why would I pass it off to some ass that emails me and begs for it?

I, personally, would never ask a favor of a person I didn't know - hell I don't even like to impose on the people I DO know. I suppose a lot of people are quite shameless.

Sorry to update my journal with such a weak ass rant. XD
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StumbleUpon finally updated the category that my blog was listed under!…

I'm not longer classified as "forestry". :o
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Anyone else here a StumbleUpon junkie? I should join a 12 step program but halfway through I'd probably probably start clicking random things to find other steps relevant to my interests.

I noticed that my new blog is listed on Stumble under the wrong category and it's bugging the hell out of me. Forestry? Wha? D:…

I've reported it 3 or 4 times now but it has yet to be fixed. Curse you, Stumble! </random>
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Thanks to the people that helped me figure out that module! It's working now. :D
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So I came across an artist's page on DA ( where s/he has this nifty slide show thing happening with his/her featured deviations. I would like to do this on my page but I have no idea how to go about doing it because I'm a big, fat nooblet. If it makes any difference, I am a subscriber - so I should have access to any "special" features. Halp me!
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I started a sketch blog to try and encourage myself to paint more. While I will upload some of the speedpaints to DA, I probably won't upload all of them. So if any of you feel like following it for some craaaazy reason, here is the link :D

Also, I'm going to pimp out my brute again because it's my journal entry and I can. ^___________^ You don't have to make an account to create your own brute, but you will need a password if you want to be the only one to access it. I don't know why this is so fun to me, because it's not like you actually DO anything, haha. I think it's because I want a bear so badly. >_>
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Brute fight - it's on, bitches! This game is totally brainless fun. Click to fight my little character. :D

I only just noticed the shoutbox for the first time. What the hell. D:
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Hoooray! I finally got around to redesigning my art site. All that is left to do now is format the tutorials for the new layout and it'll be pretty much done. Click on the banner to check it out :D Wee!

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Just thought I'd spread the word a little bit to those out there that play World of Warcraft. Jah had an idea for this site and I've been helping him with it (graphics of course). We've brainstormed quite a bit and he put his mad coding skills to use and here we are:

The site is still a work in progress really. We're aware of a few bugs and it's not 100% accurate (which would be impossible by the way), but it's still a very neat tool! Hopefully some of you find it useful or interesting :D

(Oh yeah, and pleeease read the FAQ on the site - it answers a lot of immediate questions that most people have! :D)
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WoW stole my soul! AHHHH!! It's nice to be lvl 70 with a flying mount now though. Yay for new content. Boo for too much time in front of the computer :o
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Just woke up. I was having an interesting dream but now I've forgotten what it was. BOOOO. Just updating this because the previous entry was over a year old, haha. Going to be working on an entry to an art contest today and then I have an assload of work-work to do. Hooray for deadlines!
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It's not my birthday anymore... figured I outta update the journal entry. I'm starting a new painting based off a dream I had. I've been in a rut for a while now (meaning that I haven't done a personal painting sine October of last year) and I've been trying to rediscover myself through speed paints and sketches. The latest forest painting was done as a warmup for the upcoming piece because it's going to be based in a forest setting.

Too many ideas in my head that need to get out so I'm starting now. If in a week I don't have a new painting uploaded someone needs to drop me a PM and tell me what a retarded slackass I am.

Anyway - got the music up loud (payback for my neighbors stomping - grr!) and I'm ready to work.
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It's my birthday. :}
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Auntie Me

Tue Jul 19, 2005, 11:52 PM

I'm an aunt today. Pretty unbelievable. That poor, poor child will learn so many evil things from me. Muhahaha!…

I think my brain is still trying to digest this information. So wild. Congrats to my little brother and his woman!

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I know I love chocolate! YAY YAY YAY!!!
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A pirate walks into a bar. The bartender looks at him and says "You know, you've got a steering wheel in your pants."
The pirate responds "Yar, it be drivin' me nuts"
Been a while since I updated my journal entry so I thought I'd pop in. Unfortunately I haven't been up to too much to speak of. So why am I updating?

I dunno!

... passed away on March 3rd. He was my boyfriend's closest uncle, and a wonderful artist. I found his ceramics work to be truly unique and inspiring... so I'm posting a link to his site in his memory.

*sends out hugs and love to Jah's family and friends*