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Hair Tutorial

Here is a basic hair tutorial I whipped up this evening. Its quite sloppy and I'm not the best teacher, but several people have requested this from me so here it is! :D


Step 9 is the "last step"... but I encourage everyone who attempts painting hair to work further than that. The blue thing is just a goofy extra... don't ask why I did that, bwahaha. :)

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This is great!
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Blessed Be!
Beautiful shading & highlighting, the style is perfect for something I'm working on.  Would you update your tutorial for newcomers like me?

With Much Gratitude, Lilith
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Can this be done in Sai too?
Aw man, it won't load...I can't even see if the link is fixed or not D'X
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Awwww, the link is gone :(

This is sad because I really want to learn how to color hair like this. *sigh*
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You posted this 13 years ago? Wow. Now wonder why link is broken xD
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Broken sad, I wanted to try it so bad xc
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tutorial is severely outdated
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Well it was submitted in 2002, so... ;)
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it's still very surprising since it was made in 2002 and it looks real XD
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hello there 
I would love to see this tutorial because it looks amazing and I would love to attempt it because hair has always been my undoing so i was hoping you could help me find the tutorial because i can't find it with the link you provided.

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404) Broken link, I really want to do this tutorial
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is it... Detective Olivia Benson?
Not found ): Broken link?
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This was so helpful. Thank you.
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We used this hair in my web design class....
umm you didnt make this XD this is from gimp
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