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Kaia Fischer by jeychen5 Kaia Fischer :iconjeychen5:jeychen5 25 3
Chapter 3 - I Play Tag with a Cannibal
"T-this is just great," Drew grumbled through chattering teeth. "We have no boat and now we're stuck on land."
"Thanks for the recap, Drew,” I said. “I completely forgot what happened an hour ago."
"Oh, shut up you little—"  
A chill breezed through and shut Drew up.
The three of us trudged forward in the woods. I was in the middle, acting as a barrier between the two. The rain came down harder every minute, preventing Drew and Clarisse from getting dry. My bag, which miraculously, or magically (miramagically?), stayed on my back during the octopus fiasco and was still dry. I guessed that that was Lou Ellen's doing, or anything touching me works just remain dry by proximity. I never really understood the extent of my amazing staying dry abilities.
Another cold gust hit us, making me wish I'd brought a jacket. Drew and Clarisse shivered in unison.
Every owl hoot and twig snap made me jump. My hand never strayed too far from my sword at my hip. A lot of nasty monst
:iconjeychen5:jeychen5 3 0
Behind the sea by jeychen5 Behind the sea :iconjeychen5:jeychen5 10 2
Chapter 2 - Chthulu vs. Clarisse
Surprisingly, I didn’t get much sleep that night.
You’d think after hearing a big prophecy that predicted my death, I’d be out like a light, but nope. I just stared dumbfounded at the ceiling trying to make sense of it all. Bits and pieces of the prophecy Rachel spoke repeated themselves over and over again; the twins’ bane, a flag of bones, spirits of slaughter; how did it all fit together? Why did Drew of all people get the prophecy, and why was I supposed to join her? I was clearly the daughter of the sea, and there was another daughter of war that was meant to go with us. Part of me hoped that it was Annabeth. At least with Annabeth, someone would know what they were doing, but she still hadn’t returned to camp yet. Besides, that line was vague enough to apply to the daughter of a war god.
I couldn't help but think that the prophecy and the dream I had the night before were somehow connected. I mean, I have a creepy dream the same day Dre
:iconjeychen5:jeychen5 6 1
Leo and Festus by jeychen5 Leo and Festus :iconjeychen5:jeychen5 24 2 Katie Gardner by jeychen5 Katie Gardner :iconjeychen5:jeychen5 13 0
Chapter 1 - WHO Got a Quest?
You want to know one of the worst things about being a demigod? The nightmares.
Sure, there’s being chased by hungry monsters, nearly dying on multiple occasions, and the resentment I feel towards Poseidon for crushing my chances at a normal life, but between all of that pleasantness are the nightmares.
By now, I was pretty used to bad dreams. They were usually vague but terrifying—the camp in flames, the mortal world collapsing. Y’know, standard stuff like that.
Oftentimes I had dreams from my best friend Hayden’s life, reliving every third life-or-death experience she’d ever face, along with emotions I never quite understood, and memories of our friendship I nearly forgotten.
Let me explain that if that made no sense.
Long story short: my best friend Hayden died trying to protect me after we were hunted down by our crazy Social Studies teacher (a longer story on top of this long story) who, as far as I could figure, was working for Gaea. After Hayden
:iconjeychen5:jeychen5 12 4
Stemming the Tide title card by jeychen5 Stemming the Tide title card :iconjeychen5:jeychen5 3 5 2015 Summary of Art by jeychen5 2015 Summary of Art :iconjeychen5:jeychen5 0 2
Birthday Detour
Life can be so stupidly complicated sometimes.
And not just because there are a million monsters out there who all want to rearrange my face (although that is a major problem).
I’ll start from the beginning.
I was waiting for the subway to take me to my home in the Upper East Side early morning on February sixteenth. Hayden’s lavender bag hung on my arm and in it was a hot pink gift bag that held the birthday present for my sister, Alana.
You see, even though my parents and we weren’t always together, they would always insist that we spent birthdays and holidays together, no matter what. It was their way of making up for lost time, and I didn’t mind spending a day or two out of school.
All of my closest friends knew when my birthday was and had given me my presents early. I got a CD of the greatest 258 classic rock songs from Leo, a 46 golden drachma gift certificate for the camp store from Lou Ellen and Nyssa, and a new CD player from Will (the last one broke i
:iconjeychen5:jeychen5 6 1
Secret Santa 2015 by jeychen5 Secret Santa 2015 :iconjeychen5:jeychen5 5 5
Chapter 5- To Crash and Burn
Today was the day. One way or another, everything would be different after this.
I stayed up all night writing my personal thoughts and feelings to Leo. I got everything off of my chest and poured my soul out to him in this letter. I even tried to make my handwriting legible, which I’ll have you know was no easy task. I gathered all of my confidence and courage, and I decided to give Leo this letter.
Midday, Leo and I were in Bunker Nine. I read him The Odyssey while he worked on the dubstep soundboard for the Argo II. Why did a warship need a dubstep soundboard? It didn't. Leo and I were joking around one day when his light bulb went off and he decided to build one as one of the ship’s controls. I'll give Leo this: once he had an idea, he was determined to see it through to fruition. He was determined. It was one of the things I admired about him.
Anyway, I stopped at the part where Odysseus got stranded on Calypso's Island when I decided it was now or never.
I fold
:iconjeychen5:jeychen5 3 2
Chapter 4- Contrived Comedy
It should have been another typical day. It was a first.
I was heading to Bunker Nine to see Leo, as usual. I was carrying the usual thing: a book, a bag of Cheeto Puffs, and a couple of Cokes. Outside food was against the rules, but I knew a kid in the Hermes cabin who could sneak all sorts of stuff in for a couple of golden drachmas.
When I got to Bunker Nine, I saw that Leo was in the lit forge cleaning it out, his entire body was engulfed in flames. Just an average Tuesday in the life of Leo Valdez.
"Howzit Leo?" I yelled, hoping to be heard over the roar of the flames. "I hope you like Cheetos cause–AAAAH!”
The fire around Leo had died out, revealing him to be only in his boxers shorts (that I may or may not have gotten a good look of).
I cupped my hands over my eyes, and everything in my arms spilled onto the floor. A coke exploded and started to spray all over the place. "Dude!"
Leo didn't seem to notice. "What's wrong with–"
“Y-your clothes!
:iconjeychen5:jeychen5 4 3
Chapter 3 - Insecticide
Tap tap tap.
I looked up at the source of the tapping and gritted my teeth. He was doing it again.
By “it” I meant Leo absentmindedly tapping his finger on the table. He usually did this, and at first I didn't mind. It was part of his ADHD. Most demigods had it—it was a part of our battle reflexes, and Leo had ADHD on steroids.
But after a while it was starting to get really, really irritating.
I tried to ignore it and looked back down at my Polaroid pictures. I was documenting the building progress of the Argo II. It was really coming along; the skeletal frame of the ship was all laid out and the engine was complete. It was hard to believe that it’s only been about a month since Leo and his siblings first started to build it.
The first picture was of Leo holding the heavy head of Festus in front of the engine of the Argo II. Grease was smeared across his face and clothes. Another picture was of the rest of cabin nine working together to build the
:iconjeychen5:jeychen5 4 1
Short hair Kai by jeychen5 Short hair Kai :iconjeychen5:jeychen5 6 0 Nathessa Doodle by jeychen5 Nathessa Doodle :iconjeychen5:jeychen5 8 1


Underwater II Pack - AVAILABLE NOW! Free Preview by SenshiStock Underwater II Pack - AVAILABLE NOW! Free Preview :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 570 20 Line Art Tutorial by YamPuff Line Art Tutorial :iconyampuff:YamPuff 325 60 OC- Harley Faist by ClawCraps OC- Harley Faist :iconclawcraps:ClawCraps 100 8 Lester and Meg by OliSzl Lester and Meg :iconoliszl:OliSzl 43 5 A N N A B E T H by Buurd A N N A B E T H :iconbuurd:Buurd 115 2 I'm trying to save your butt by Diolystos I'm trying to save your butt :icondiolystos:Diolystos 26 13 The Colour of Magic by Captain-Kiryu The Colour of Magic :iconcaptain-kiryu:Captain-Kiryu 21 2 Laura Wilson by Ainhochu Laura Wilson :iconainhochu:Ainhochu 11 0 Maka by Tamaytka Maka :icontamaytka:Tamaytka 781 46 Falling for You by onforever Falling for You :icononforever:onforever 3 2 The little big three by DoodleHappyDavis The little big three :icondoodlehappydavis:DoodleHappyDavis 20 0 Neon Horizons by JustinDeRosa Neon Horizons :iconjustinderosa:JustinDeRosa 55 1 Time Warp Trio by AdamFrankenstein Time Warp Trio :iconadamfrankenstein:AdamFrankenstein 8 5 - Just the Way You Are - by onforever - Just the Way You Are - :icononforever:onforever 6 2 My Imagination by Mylastfantasy My Imagination :iconmylastfantasy:Mylastfantasy 48 6 What Must I Do? by Mylastfantasy What Must I Do? :iconmylastfantasy:Mylastfantasy 355 30



I'm sorry I haven't been active in a few months. I just moved and started school and I've been pretty busy. Lately I've been in a rut and feel as though I can't write anything good and give the Kai and her story justice. Unfortunately I feel my passion for the story dying. If I can, I'll do my best to finish Kai's story, but I want to do it right. I don't want to write low quality work. 

If anyone has some ways with dealing with writer's block, then please tell me. I could use the help right now.


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