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I... exist! Usually on Tumblr, but what the heck, DA, you never done me wrong (far as I remember). I miss comments. So I'm making the perennial attempt to be more active here again, and maybe this time it'll take.
How the heck is everyone? You're still there, right?

I'm doing a webcomic now (since almost a year ago, actually). I don't plan to flood my gallery with every page, but you can read it on Tumblr here:… (And hopefully on its own actual site in the future.)
It's a slice-of-life modern fantasy(/horror/occult?) thing about hot demons and not being normal. Just hit twenty pages! (I kind of moved across the country and experienced a computer death over the last year, so uh, updates were slow.)
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Yay for seeing you here! I more often than not see you on Twitter but I'll surely enjoy seeing you here again. x3 :heart: