Nosferatus and Petunia the Ukulele

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Criminy. I haven't written a journal here since 2010. Let's get that exhausted plea for mercy off my front page.
I'm making a vampire-themed coloring book!… Are you excited?
I am playing the ukulele.… And even singing. With help.
Life zooms.
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Malkalady's avatar
I do want that coloring book :D
JeyBarnes's avatar
Good, 'cause I'm making it! Thank you. :heart:
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Wow, what a surprise to see you playing along with Michael Reed! How amazing!:iconclappingplz:
...I love that artistic ukulele...
JeyBarnes's avatar
I don't know if it's just my browser making that gif run insanely fast but I'm finding the warp speed hilarious.

The uke was made by San Diego artist and custom instrumenteer, Owen Burke! [link] I think he can make a ukulele out of anything.
Peachdust's avatar
Hahah, it is!

Wow, they're really great, thanks for the link!(:
Malkalady's avatar
<3 yes ! Wants.
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I completely forgot that you had Steam Powered Giraffe art in your gallery, indicating that you might know the band members (because I didn't start watching you for your fanart actually), so I had a really strange moment just now watching a video of you playing a song with Michael Reed! :XD:

Having gotten that out of the way, I've got to tell you that both your uke-playing and your singing are fanTAStic! I'd totes buy an album. :nod:
JeyBarnes's avatar
Thank you so much! This is such a weird path for me to have stumbled upon--I've been terrified of singing in front of people for ages, and it's still hard. Also this is the first time the planets have aligned and learning an instrument has really started to go somewhere for me. I walked away from violin, mandolin and flute as a kid.

Michael is a great guy and I owe a lot to his harmonic and recording prowess!
Artoveli's avatar
Well that's as may be (and I agree), but don't go discrediting your own talent either, missy! :D
DoctorBollocks's avatar
That...coloring book sounds awesome 8D
JeyBarnes's avatar
Thanks! I am excite.
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