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Just a heads up that I finally made custom eyeball pendants available in my Etsy shop! You know, like these?…
But in ANY COLOR YOU WANT (in the spectrum of light visible to humans).
Check out all the rad customization options:…

I'm trying to raise money to table at Monsterpalooza and I got a looong way to go. If you dig eyeballs, please consider getting one! :eye:
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Criminy. I haven't written a journal here since 2010. Let's get that exhausted plea for mercy off my front page.
I'm making a vampire-themed coloring book!… Are you excited?
I am playing the ukulele.… And even singing. With help.
Life zooms.
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My habit of taking on an irresponsible number of obligations all at once and stressing over everything that exists has resulted in a spectacular burnout. I very wisely decided to do this in the middle of a bunch of travel AND a relocation. People to whom I owe/have promised stuff: Don't worry, it's coming. Anyone else: Talk to me in November. Or later. I think this has been on its way since Comic Con. I'm tired, unenthusiastic about most things, and... TIRED.

Still getting through all the music recommended in the last journal, though. I've been pointed to some keen stuff. Thanks guys!

EDIT: To clarify, I'm going to be out of town and possibly AFKish from Friday to the 25th, then SUPERHOLYF*CKBUSY for the last few days of the month. I will continue working on eyeballs and trades and gifts when I can. Might have to put the Etsy shop in vacation mode.

So my birthday passed about a month ago and I got a bunch of nice messages and I hid from them while gnawing on my hand. So a late "thank you" for all the niceness. I hearted it, I've just been busy/cripplingly shy.

BUSY STILL. I got a couple trades to do, a birthday present that's getting later by the second, and I'm making more eyeballs with which to stock my Etsy store. I just got a camera! Its name is Rudiger Shuttermeier and tomorrow the two of us are going to take pictures of eyeballs.

werecarrot and I have many more adventures lined up for this, the holiest of months. I'm hoarding music with the intent of making a badass Halloween playlist. Something rusty and folky and crackly and grinningly evil and whisperingly old. You know? Eye of Tom Waits and hair of Wovenhand. I'm looking everywhere for recommendations/suggestions, so if you have any, fire away! Trick or treat, my lovelies.

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Good news, everyone! If you wanna keep a watch on the things I have for sale on Etsy, I made an extra special Twitter just for announcing that kinda thing. Go follow Prawnworks! I'm fighting limited space and technology to get some good pictures of my current stock, but it will happen soon. Let me tell you guys that the eyeballs are looking better than ever this year. There's a kinda-sorta sneak peek (as previously mentioned) in my Flickr.

Gosh I have SO MUCH TO DO.

EDIT: Pentoculus very kindly gave me a subscription so here is a picture! Oh, pictures in my journal. I missed you.

I have a Flickr! And I might be getting a camera for my birthday tomorrow so maybe I'll have things to put IN my Flickr! Right now you can go there and see infinity pictures I took of one of my eyeball bracelets:…

Warning: fake blood. If you are offended by corn syrup I suggest you look away.

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Hey goatlets! Remember eyeballs? They also sometimes look like this? And they even come in bracelets? Well eyeball season is nigh upon us and since I can't make polls, I am asking those of you who might be interested in buying these things WHICH you would want to buy. a)What styles ($13 pendants, $13 earrings or $40 bracelets) and b)what colors. I want to start making my spookyseason stock.

MAKE THY VOICES HEARD I need to eat breakfast.


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Comic Con: I survived it. My first time going for all four days! Now I am chillaxing with my fammerly around California's ankles. Hey Mexico, how you doin' down there. The Con was thoroughly rad; I met Bill Moseley (a.k.a. Luigi Largo and/or Otis Driftwood), Doc-Hammer, Artsammich (who critiqued the Fampires for me!), vert-is-ninja and shingworks and gosh everyone was super nice to me even though I was overstimulated which made me ten times as deaf and flighty and awkward as usual! Watched hilaribad anime on Saturday night with werecarrot (Panda-Z???) and probably-inappropriately hugged a Hanna cosplayer. Did not get stabbed with a pen.

SOON I shall have adventures with the likes of toktobis and ketari. I'll be catapulted back to the Midwest in September. I might start coming up with some special post-Con commission offers before then--I am pretty inspired and pretty poor which is a good recipe for capitalism.

I want a ball pit that is filled with gashapon capsules. I would Scrooge McDuck in that sh*t all day long. Today I set up a terrarium for a plastic frog I've had since I was about nine. I saw a duck with a sky-blue beak.

I am totally going to the San Diego Comic Con again this year--all four days LIKE A BOSS. And I will be with a bunch of cool people! People like werecarrot, toktobis, ketari, MechaBuggy and ANewChallenger. It is gonna explode heads. I am trying real hard not to die before we get there.

What's new with you heathens? Haven't forgotten the free sketches from the previous journal, they're just... FREE and also I am WICKED. I am twirling my moustache and laughing evilly right at this very moment.


P.S. Hi new watchers! You are all beautiful snowflakes.

:eye::eye::eye:EYEBALL EDIT:eye::eye::eye:

HEY GUESS WHAT I found a few leftover eyeball charms from last season and I will bring them to the con just in case. A couple of regular-sized ones for $13 and a mini-one for $10. If you magically find me (hint: follow any mysterious indoor rainbows or look under dock leaves) I would be happy to sell one to you. I would also be happy to give you a high-five or brofist.

From toktobis:

"The first 10 people who comment on this journal will get a sketch, free.

HOWEVER, in return, you must offer 10 free sketches in your own journal. If you've already done 10 Free Sketches (recently! not the last wave that went around years ago.), simply link the journal entry in your comment... You still qualify.

1. I will NOT draw your request until I see this in your journal.

2. In your comment, include a link to a reference(s) picture of any character you want me to draw.

3. Only one character per person. Remember, this is FREE.

Sketches will probably be quick doodles. I reserve the right to argue about/turn down subjects and take as long as I want to in finishing. It's free. I owe you nothing!"

1. :iconferalgrinn:
2. :iconmyoneandonly:
2. :iconsneaksby:
4. :iconlady-bealzabub:? SHOW ME YOUR JOURNAL
5. :iconthroblin:
6. :icontaureleafsilver:
7. :iconyncke:
8. :icontoktobis:
9. :icongrace-dupre:
10. :iconslimmercat:
10.5 :iconketari: because I am completely unbiased.

NOTE: I am currently working on paid commissions and they have priority over free sketches, so it will be a few days before I start producing these.

Commissions (info/status/queue)

These are my bubbles to the world. It's cold in the seaweed but I blow my bubbles and I kiss each one, and I whisper into each some word or phrase of love. These are my letters to the surface. I open my hands and they climb to the light, reaching unknown ears


[I hope]


Until I find a better way.


Commissions (info/status/queue)

Do any of my watchers happen to be fluent in Russian? It's possible that I will eventually want to run some prose and/or questions by somebody who is, because I'm not. But a few of my characters are.

Damn (beautiful) Cyrillic alphabet!

Commissions (info/queue)

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I'm browsing Craigslist and it's horribly depressing!

Gonna soldier on and continue killing my soul one phone call at a time, but because I like to EAT, I am now opening up commissions/reminding you that they are SO AVAILABLE. Here's what's you can get:

Pencil tinies- $4.50 each, three for $11.00

Colored tinies- $10.00 each

Real media icons (for LJ and suchlike)- $10.00 each

Real ink/digital color profile pictures- $15.00 each

Anything else you might NEED: Show me an example of any type of work in my gallery and I'll quote you a price, or tell you it's too much for me to take on right now, or something, depending on what it is.

I take payment through PAYPAL ONLY (I'll give you my address once we strike a deal), up front sil vous plait. You shouldn't expect to wait longer than four days or so for any of the above. I will keep you up to speed on my progress, show you in-progress sketches, let you know if one of my crucial markers EXPLODES and I have to get it replaced, etc. Jay Bee don't leave you hangin'.

svenmarie- profile picture (talking)
Dexortra- Ash
Busiris- illustration (done/must mail)
Rough-Luck- profile picture (talking)

And OF COURSE, since I am back at Casa de werecarrot, I have all of my crafting crap and will get back to work on my quartermachine trades! Thanks for waiting, yous guys.

P.S. Been getting a steady trickle of new watchers lately! Hi guys! Enjoy the freak show! :heart:

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than asking me questions is asking EDGAR questions:

Oh man guys.

(He's not shy.)

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Things you should know!

1. I won't be working on quarter machine trades for the next two-and-a-half weeks BECAUSE I am visiting my family and half of my crafting crap is back in Kansas! But I will resume work on them when I return thence.

2. Bridgeport now has a TEGAKI E GROUP, if you weren't aware. It's for visual roleplaying (or just drawing, we ain't picky). It's another thing I may not be able to work on while I'm here, due to technical difficulties, but here are all of the official/info entries and here are ALL of the entries that anyone has ever made, EVER. I highly recommend joining! It's fun!

3. I am a mysterious creature. I am a cactus full of bats, a post-gendered, post-apocalyptic street urchin. I KNOW you have burning questions. Now you can get them answered RIGHT HERE. Don't try to act like you don't lose sleep wondering whether I wear boxers or briefs.

I think that's pretty much it! Now that I am back in MY NATIVE CLIMATE, the type of weather that has signaled CHRISTMAS to my brain for the last twenty-four years has hit me like a ton of fruitcake, and a) I am happy but b) I am regretting being really late/not-forthcoming with presents and cards. Christmas in January? It's more likely than you think.

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Edit! Maggie-Bones persuaded me to make a COMMUNITY for quarter machine trades. It still needs some work, but now all of the guidelines and stuff can be viewed HERE.


I've been working pretty obsessively on non-quarter-machine-trade things for the last week or so but I HAVE finished my first one (Yukniiii), and will start on my next two soon.

I'm pretty excited about the potential of this project and would love to see it take off. Think of it! Collections of designer quarter machine prizes sitting in fish bowls. Well, that's where I'd keep mine. If this sounds cool to you and you want to participate, repost the rules or link to tthe community, and then post a wishlist. This is something that will definitely be cooler if a lot of people participate.

This is my wish/interest list:
(in no particular order)

Exotic, cute or strange animals
Things that look like fantasy video game items
Starfox Adventures
Original characters (yours)
Mesoamerican, Indonesian, Chinese and African art
Fake food (especially sweets)
Post-apocalyptic things
Vampires (classic/old-fashioned/scary ones)
Halloween (the holiday)

Note: I ask that you don't use any animal products (leather, silk, wool, feathers, bone) in anything you might make for me.

Current trades:
1.yukni- FINISHED but not mailed
2. toktobis- agreed
3. Grace-Dupre- agreed

(I will work on these in the order I accept them, and I will take on more after I finish this batch)


Hello, all. I like to eat peanut butter and maple syrup sandwiches. I also like to eat Vegenaise and nori sandwiches. I LIKE TO EAT SANDWICHES. What weirdass sandwiches do you like to consume? Or even ones that aren't weirdass, I don't care. Describe to me your perfect sandwich. My perfect sub sandwich = wheat bread, Vegenaise, mustard, Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese, LOTS OF TOMATOES, onions, olives, romaine lettuce, sprouts and Tofurky.

There are still a couple of eyeballs for sale! You can find them :eye: RIGHT HERE.</i> :eye:

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Whoa guys I am chilling in Kansas with werecarrot and now you can buy eyeballs from me! Not real ones, they spoil in the mail. Ones I have MADE with my own two HANDS. They even come with a sticker (that I also made)! They're pretty bossome for Halloween and, y'know, 'TIS THE SEASON, so have a look and see if there's anything you like.

:eye: :eye: :eye: :eye: :eye: :eye: :eye: RIGHT HERE. IN THIS LINK. :eye: :eye: :eye: :eye: :eye: :eye: :eye:

Soon, SOON I shall apply to work as a coffee-slave. I am terrified.

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Did I mention I'm moving in with werecarrot? Because I'm moving in with werecarrot. Roommates of justice.

I leave this Saturday and I have never lived anywhere other than with my nuclear family so it is going to be an ADVENTURE. An adventure filled with monsters and employment. So this is (mostly) why I've been kind of in weird moods and lurky and non-productive. I'm the worst person at keeping people up to date on my life. I'm sorry to anyone who I might have seemed to disappear on, as regards projects or exchanges or just SOCIALIZATION. I'm still learning how to do that last one.

This has nothing to do with anything but would anyone be at all interested in buying a T-shirt that I drew on with a Sharpie? It looks exactly like THIS. It's a youth size large. I would keep it if I wore clingy t-shirts but alas, I do not. Only worn once and has been washed. I'm saying $20 for now (including shipping) but of course if nobody wants it for that price, we can work something out. I'm basically trying to scrape together whatever money I can to hold me over until I get a job. I'll also be restocking my Etsy shop with eyeballs and other swell things once I settle into my new habitat. Stay tuned kids.

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Though still in semi-lurk-mode, I cannot resist the siren song of a meme that is all about letting me puppet any of my berzillion characters. Tagged by twinklestah (who got it from sfemonster who got it from korybing who got it from vert-is-ninja ON INTO INFINITY).

Ask a question to any of my characters (any of them. You cannot get too obscure.), and they'll answer you! Keep in mind that some of them are little bastards and might not answer your question the way you would like. I will try to answer everybody. Sound like fun? Let's go!

  • Reading: The October Country by Ray Bradbury