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New Eyeball Pendants

By JeyBarnes
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Guess what! I'm coating them in resin now which means they are ULTRA DURABLE AND SHINIER THAN EVER. I still have one of the old glaze-coated ones and it's held up well, but some people have had them get grubby. And the resin is soooOO much shinier. Gosh, these things have come a long way since I started making them around 2007.
I haven't tested this on beads yet but a lot of people are still interested in them, so I'll see what I can do. Life's been kinda CRAY lately.
Check 'em out on my Etsy!
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Oh man jeysaur (that's my new name for you ok? I can't drop the saur.. I just.. I can't do it) I still really would love a bracelet or necklace with customised ones of these. One day, when I have the monies...
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How much for a jar full of these? In varying sizes and colors?
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If you only plan to use it as a prop (and not wear the eyeballs) I could use a less hardy glaze and it would cost you much less! Send me a note and we can work out the details, I'm happy to do custom work. :)
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Yeah, I would have only used it as a prop, or rather something to set on a shelf and everyone say, "What the heck?!":XD:

I don't know. The things is I really can't afford to spend that kind of money right now on something like that. I mean, you haven't given me a price but I know how much I would charge for something like that and it would be around and over $200.

I have to say your painting on them is awesome! So crisp and clean. I guess you use watercolor? Or really, really thin acrylic? Either way, they're fantastic.
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They are soo creepy and good looking! Like wow.
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Thanks and ERMG you!!!! Nice to hear from ya boss. How you doing? : D
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Pretty good pretty good!
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oh my :0 ...very tempted to get one :9
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Wow, these look super cool. I love the eyeball beads I got from you awhile ago... I love how glassy and realistic these look!
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Awesome, I'm glad you're still enjoying them! Thanks. : D
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They continue to improve. X3 They definitely are super shiny and pretty realistic looking too. I still need to get one. Hopefully sometime soon I will finally grab onto the opportunity. :U
Great job!
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