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New Eyeball Pendants



Guess what! I'm coating them in resin now which means they are ULTRA DURABLE AND SHINIER THAN EVER. I still have one of the old glaze-coated ones and it's held up well, but some people have had them get grubby. And the resin is soooOO much shinier. Gosh, these things have come a long way since I started making them around 2007.
I haven't tested this on beads yet but a lot of people are still interested in them, so I'll see what I can do. Life's been kinda CRAY lately.
Check 'em out on my Etsy!
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Oh man jeysaur (that's my new name for you ok? I can't drop the saur.. I just.. I can't do it) I still really would love a bracelet or necklace with customised ones of these. One day, when I have the monies...