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More art to make my friends and family uncomfortable! (Should they look here.)
Yes those are supposed to be my hands.
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Barbecue or soy?
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This is beautiful.
I love your symbolic work involving your muse, SO much and this is no exception.
I kind of love how one hand seems quite relaxed and in a loving embrace, whereas the hand with the claw rings seems very passionate, angry almost and possessive. :)
Fantastic as always.
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Thanks Cally! I spent a lot of time trying to get the hand poses just so. :heart:
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I think it looks awesome but not really creepy :D
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It's more the suggestivity I was thinking would make people I know uncomfortable. I mean it's borderline erotica starring ME AND MY IMAGINARY FRIEND.
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Sorry to butt in here,'s not like you're the first to do it ;) *whistles!*
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That's good enough reason ;)
I still find it amazing, intriguing and awesome.

Hey btw, your old msn account was hacked by some people stating they're naked girls asking their contacts to see their naked pics and all that... (you know, your account dumpy at the time).
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Aw man, thanks!

Thanks for the heads up too. D8 Guess I better do something about that!
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This is so nicely done O:
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