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Halloween 2012: Avaricious Kersnap

By JeyBarnes
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For Halloween I MONSTERED. As usual. ~toktobis kindly took these photos of me in my costume, not on Halloween but at Monsterpalooza a few days before, so I don't have any photos where I'm not wearing a con bracelet.

The head is of course papier mache, and the rest was gathered from thrift stores and altered. fun fact: This was my first time wearing high heels. It was actually kinda fun, I felt so accomplished.

Just an original monster design, not from a movie or nothin'. Now let's see if I can actually use COLORS in next year's costume.
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Dang that's epic to a new level
Willdabeast-0305's avatar
Wow! What an awesome monster!
I love how she has one of those old-timey cigarette holders, slightly reminiscent of a lady from the 1920's, except that she has a horrifying monster face. It really gives it just the right amount of contrast to make it delightfully scary!

Also, would you mind if I drew a picture of this and post it on DA? I would, of course, credit you and link to your profile.
(If not, that's fine. I'm not even sure I'd get around to drawing it, just that it would be fun to do, if I did.)
JeyBarnes's avatar
Thanks! The cigarette holder really pulled it all together. I do think of the Kersnap as gender ambiguous, though.

I would absolutely not mind at all! In fact I'd be thrilled!
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I wish I could fave more than once!
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You have faved more than once IN MY HEART. <3
mix-tape-bang's avatar
I'm a little late to the game, but questions (if that's alright!): 1) What did you paint the head with? It's so shiny, I love it! Also, could you see out of there? How?

Also, slightly unrelated: How was Monsterpalooza? I was thinking about going to this upcoming one.
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Questions are DELICIOUS. I painted the head with acrylic craft paints and used Triple Thick (a glaze) for the shiny coat. Maybe not the best idea 'cause it has some heady fumes for up to around 48 hours after it's applied, but I am here and alive with no apparent neural damage!

I saw through thin gaps cut between the teeth, and some black screen on the underside of the head that I actually added for ventilation but it wound up saving me from stumbling into everyone and everything.

Monsterpalooza is AWESOME. I've been to some bigger, more broadly-focused cons (San Diego Comic Con and Dragon Con in Atlanta) and the atmosphere is totally different. Monsterpalooza is smaller, friendlier, more laid-back, and of course very specifically focused. If you're not into monsters and horror it might not be for you, but if you like that stuff even a little bit you will probably LOVE it. I've been three times.
mix-tape-bang's avatar
Awesome! I've never heard of Triple Thick, but I'm gonna have to find some (and give everything plenty of airing out time, haha).

Oh, neat! I didn't even notice the black screen!

I'm definitely a massive horror and monster fan. It's going to be relatively close to where I live, too, so, I think I'll have to check it out! :D

Thank you so much for the awesome answers!
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This looks AMAZING.
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WOHOHOHOHOHOW thats awesome XD
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that is a freakin gorgeous costume!
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I seriously wish I had at least half the dive you do towards halloween costumes, I'd love to do something amazing like this one year. The paintjob on the head is amazing!
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Such a cool monster design, and such a great execution.
Who SAYS you need colors, when grayscale can rock this hard?
JeyBarnes's avatar
I really really REALLY like greyscale costumes... and greyscale everything. But I would like to challenge myself just for the sake of it.
Thank you!
cryo-draws's avatar
That is an awesome design 8D
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This is kind of brilliant! I love it. Do you have sketches of the original design? I'd love to see them.

Sorta reminds me of the Isz from The Maxx. But with way more fashion sense!
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