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Bailey and Del: Face Off

By JeyBarnes
Intermission comic! More long(er) stories in the works. :)
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Del is so cute. What a cutie.
mix-tape-bang's avatar
Ahahaha, poor Del XD :heart:
Busiris's avatar
Haha, adorable. You only cause me to want to further investigate the contents behind the face. If it's that scary, I imagine it can only be a botched plastic surgery situation. XD;
Quite liking the color to this page! The pink breaks up all the monotone a bit and I like how it added to the scenery. :3 Nice work!
Katie-W's avatar
Poor Del... He went from so happy to so concerned. I love paneling and reactions on this.
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antlercat-anon's avatar
I saw this on your Tumblr and it made me squee.
Fabulous stuff - Bailey's expressions...which are not over-the-top grossed out but still perfectly legit, are awesome :D
JeyBarnes's avatar
It takes more than exposed monster-friend face workings to phase Bailey. XD
Thank you!
taureleafsilver's avatar
Poor Del. He looks so self-conscious.
JeyBarnes's avatar
"You mean that's not normal? D:" Hahawww. <3
DoctorBollocks's avatar
Gosh I love Del so much X3
JeyBarnes's avatar
Yayyyyy thank you! :heart:
DoctorBollocks's avatar
Seriously, these two are amazing
Sejuay's avatar
I was thinking Kabal's fatality move.
JeyBarnes's avatar
Ahahaha, I had to look that up. It reminded me of Large Marge.
Sejuay's avatar
:iconlargemargeplz: Thank you for reminding me of that monstrosity.
JeyBarnes's avatar
work here: done
Doodlebotbop's avatar
For once reality outdoes the imagination!
Yetac's avatar
lol I always wondered that too. ^^
TheGrinDragon's avatar
It reminds me of the part in Beetlejuice where he goes "What do you think of this?" XD
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