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Bailey and Del: Big Baby 6

By JeyBarnes
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I cannot color these fast enough!
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I think 90% of my "Traditional" favorite folder is your work (though this page may not be? Since you said earlier pages weren't? Not sure). You're the artist that keeps me believing traditional art is worth the effort and expense.

This entire page is so lovely. The composition, the coloring. I, also, really love that tree in the front. Something about it feels really magical without looking unrealistic... which sounds a little dumb, but that's the best way I can describe it, haha.
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Oops, I just noticed that I categorized them under "traditional media" myself. Time to fix! (The lineart is pencil though... I dunno!)
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Thank you so much! *n*
These pages are all colored digitally but I'm using a watercolor texture overlay to make them look more organic (I hope). I would love, LOVE to be coloring them in marker, but I decided that I just couldn't afford that right now. So hopefully future B&D will return to real media, but for now, I scorch my eyeballs doing this at a computer. (Althooouugh... maybe I could make actual watercolor work on the next one? HmmmMMM.)

The trees in this comic are California live oaks, which are naturally very twisty and magical looking. This picture is a good example: [link]
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That's understandable. I've been trying out Copics lately and it's almost physically painful to "practice" with something so expensive, haha. (Ooooh, watercolor, that would be cool!)

How, as a Californian, I didn't know about these trees, I just don't know. They're incredible!
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Ohnoes! D: Disappearance!
I can think of a few really great things with this single-shot page here. The scope of the forest looks really great, as does the lighting effect there with the flashlight. Really slick. ;3 Oh and the whispy tree branches. Almost stylistic horror/fantasy kind of look, which is very you, if ya know what I mean. ^3^ Great work!!!
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Thanks Bu! Amazingly, those trees are pretty much how California live oaks look in real life. They're like props from a Guillermo del Toro film: [link]
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Oohoh, I recognise what I'm looking at now! Still, mighty fancy attention to detail, Dumpy. :3 :salute:
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I reeeeally love the look and atmosphere of these.
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Thank you! Atmosphere is MUY IMPORTANTE. :heart:
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