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We're all mad here..

By Jeyam-PClay
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..I love this cake! But.. hey.. Hatter, you're as little as an ant!!

Ok, this is my last picture for this contest! I promise :D

This contest is just perfect for me!! And it just comes in the right moment! As I'm preparing my second music parody and it'll be about Alice in Wonderland!
Unfortunately I have to delay the prod because of my money issues.. :S
(I know.. I make miniatures but my dream is to be an actress! :aww:)

Everything you see in the picture is 100% handmade by ME! :
-Alice's dress (made in only 2 days, yay)
-the Mad Hatter's clothes
-the Mad Hatter's hat
-the miniature table,
-the miniature food of course,
-the Upelkuchens cake (Eat me!) (yes, it's fake! :aww:)
-and well, make-up!!!

There's no manipulation in this pic (except for the hatter's scale :D and the color correction)

Just cross your fingers for me! This contest is really important for me.. :heart:

Please don't upload it elsewhere without my permission! (Just ask and I'll say yes! :D)
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Per come hai afferrato il cappellaio matto, dà l'impressione che la tavola non sia riuscita a saziarti abbastanza xD
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BarryD-AliveProfessional General Artist
This is SUPER COOL!!
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AllthatmathersHobbyist General Artist
A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !

and by amazing
i mean not only the photo
but that everything is handmade is just incredible 

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anime13freakHobbyist Digital Artist
this is so beautiful XD thats so amazing you made everything :O :D
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EmeraldTheWolfStudent Digital Artist
that's gorgeous!
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What an effort you have put into this! It all is very amazing and magical!
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SketchingInTheRainHobbyist Traditional Artist
Haha this is so cute! I love little Tarrant!
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agentanimefreakStudent Traditional Artist
o wow im really surprised u didn't win, u should have won.
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SpellboundFoxHobbyist Traditional Artist
Haha! How interesting & creative!
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True2KoinuHobbyist Traditional Artist
love this <3
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KindiiHobbyist General Artist
Gorgeous work! You should have won.
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thats amazing well done
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ohmigawd! this is so wonderful! i love how real it looks and your dedication to where you made all of the tedious things that really bring the work together. it is truly beautiful! i'd like to be able to do this type of thing someday, but i have no idea how. what'd you use and where did you learn how to do it?
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aww Thank you so so much for your very sweet comment! :D For the tiny tble I used some dollhouse' toy, fabric, plastic,.. I made all the food handmade with polymer clay.. and put it all together! :D
I sewed the clothes, I took the picture and edited with photoshop.. that's all! :D And I learned all by myself with passion and patience :aww:
Thanks again! :heart:
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I must say, you are incredibly gifted to have made every single item in this picture.
The tiny objects on the table, look very realistic, as do the table and chairs and could even be mistaken for a real items that have been scaled down to fit the picture. The Upelkuchen cake looks identical to the one from the film, and I love how natural looking the bite in the cake looks.
I love how natural you came out overall both as Alice and the Hatter, the expression on your face is very curious to fit Alice's character and I adore the pose of the Hatter. It very much looks as though his hat is about to be taken off, and I also really love how well the Hatter has been scaled down and manipulated into the picture. I see no flaws it really looks as though he is there. The costume of the Hatter is very well made as is the makeup and the whole look of Alice is beautiful, the hair is wonderfully curled and natural, the makeup soft, subtle and clean and the dress very well made, especially for being made in the time frame of two days.
The slightly dark quality adds a softness to it, without darkening it too much, and is much better than it would be if it were brighter as it creates an atmosphere and elegance to it, unlike a bright lighting where it would leave the picture looking too harsh.
Out of your collection of Wonderland photos this one is by far my favourite. I absolutely adore it. Really beautiful work :)
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And I adore you! lol :blowkiss:
This is absolutely the best comment I've ever read! Thank you SOOOO much for sharing your thoughts in details :D :boogie:
And I'm so glad you like it! :aww:
Thank you so so so much! You made my day! :huggle:
SilentHillHeaven123's avatar
Lol...well thanks haha :XD:
Aww you're most welcome! I'm glad you liked my comment so much :D
You deserved that comment though :huggle: You really have done some great work :blowkiss:
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NordicLynxHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wonderful. I really like this idea. It must have taken ages to do all this :)
Jeyam-PClay's avatar
aww thank you!! :aww: Yeah it took a lot but for me it was totally worthed! Lot of satisfaction! :D
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Greys-GiovanaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Jeyam-PClay's avatar
lol Thanks! :D
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Greys-GiovanaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Please continue to ask for a drawing!
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Sei bravissima! Complimenti!!!
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Grazie milleeeee!! :aww: :hug:
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