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Good guy Knockout

I warned everybody about more TFP art to come, right?

So here we go.. Knockout, yeah. And yes, he obviously has ran out of all the fucks to give.

SAI, some 3-4 hours.
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Me: no. You never did give a frag about anyone.niether did i. Cause i dont give a frag if you looked like you didnt give a frag

Knockout: scrap shes turning into me!
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damnit i love Knock-Out..he's become my absolute favorite
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hhmmmmmm, fucks to give? i see, hes fragged to many mech *nods* i believe this to be true. XD
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I want this as an emoticon or something
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whoooa! I love the lighting! He really looks like he's in a place, being affected by surrounding scenery and lighting.
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No, can't say you do. XD
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because we need more pictures of Knock Out
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love the colors but love the smile more :)
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eee. I adore the colors you used on his plating, very beautiful!
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Did he ever have a fuck to give?
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This is awesome! I love it! <3~
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Exactly what I said to the cop who kept giving me warnings about drug abuse . I DON'T EVEN DO DRUGS !!
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LOL knockouts hilarious and GREAT job drawing himu have TRUE TALENT!
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Love it! Knock is so fucking awesome!
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Sweet :iconawwwplz:

And.. YES! 8D
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