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Dreamstar Tutorial -English-

Here is the tutorial for make origami stars.

Tutorial en español: [link]
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Ooh! Definitely going to be trying this :3 Thanks!
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You are welcome! =)
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WOAH. That's a bit of a confusing start, and a bit hard to finish. Would it still work if I make it wider?
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I think so, I have made a lot of different stars. The secret is trying a doesn´t matter they don´t look fine when you make the first 2 or 3...
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8D Aww, these are so cute! I tried making some of these before with video tutorials on youtube, but they weren't as detailed as this. But may I ask where I could get some of the paper that you used?
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I make my own paper and I printed them in my house. You can google for some and you can find a lot of files here in DA =)
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c: Oh okay, thank you~
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Wow! It worked at first try! Yaaay! :la:
Didn't thought the star would be that small though~
Ultra cute!!! X3
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Glad you like it, thanks for trying =)
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You're welcome! =D
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Best tut. I found! Only one I can understand!
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Glad it was useful, thanks! :D
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Oo, I love these little stars,
everyone I know makes those ninja stars with paper
but I prefer this. Thanks for the Tutorial! :)
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You are welcome :)
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This is a lovely tutorial, makes me want to make some :heart::star:
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Oh my. It's a bit hard. It will be nice to do but still i don't have paper. Maybe in future, those stars are ultra cute ! :milk:
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Thank you. You can practice with regular paper :)
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How cool! I will have to do this some time for sure!
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You do that! Once you start making this little things you can´t stop I swear!!
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can I translate this to Italian, plz?
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