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Clare's Story 17: Unsustainable part 1



I REALLY JUST WANTED TO UPDATE BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY ON THE 29th, OKAY? I've got to get back on schedule!!
Thanks to :iconrtjgsketch: and :iconfeymark: for beta-reading
I hated this update. But it needed to be done. So I did it. (how do you draw Clefairy? Don't ask me, I don't know)
If you'll bear with my huge text bubbles of information, there's actually a lot of vital information on this page. I also wanted to avoid taking up three updates at Bill's house.
Things in this update:
-Clare runs away from her freaky aura, which suddenly becomes the voice of responsibility 
-Bill gets a good eyeful of Clare and nearly faces her wrath. Good thing she can't use Thundershock...
-Bill explains how he was a prodigy tech scientist for Silph before Team Rocket, who apparently works with Silph, turned him into a gijinka somehow.
-Clare teaches Bill how to transform
-Bill invites Clare to the S.S.Anne party in his place.

Things to see in the next update:
-What ever happened to Virgil??
-Why would Clare want to help Bill? Like wtf.
-Where's the rest of your team, Clare? You're like a drunk soccer mom.

If you want to read the article that Clare found on Bill's computer, go ahead and check it out here. I just whipped it out in like ten minutes, so I am sorrrrry if there are grammar mistakes.…

Clare's Story 18: Goal Oriented Minds by Jexima

A link to the Nuzlocke forums:…

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Bill, you perv XD