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Zecora Stamp

By jewlecho

- Part of Set 3 of my MLP Fim icons

See the rest here: [link]

MLP is owned by Hasbro and Lauren Faust
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© 2011 - 2021 jewlecho
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CleanClear777's avatar
she's my favorite MLP character :D
Addie1K's avatar
Using, thanks!
MK-R's avatar
On my userpage ;)
The-Kinky-Hobbit's avatar
I put this on my profile, I hope that's alright with you :3
jewlecho's avatar
It's alright, after all that's what they're for!
DarkPrince2007's avatar
She should have had more presence in the show... actually I heard that she was supposed to be Twilight's mentor... well that's what I heard.

At least she taught the 6 manes to not be racists and xenophobes.
R-Star97's avatar
Thanks for the fave!
GalaxySeerNumber9's avatar
Gotta love Zecora~! :D
Human-pon3's avatar
Very nice! I love all of your MLP stamps, they're so cute ^^
ShatterTheHearts's avatar
zecora is super awesome!
rwsome's avatar
OblivionAlbawk's avatar
Do you by chance do point comissions of these?
jewlecho's avatar
I don't make these stamps anymore and the ones I do make of fanmade characters aren't by points either. Sorry! D:
InvaderAresX's avatar
One of my very favorites, Zecora is so exotic!8D
jewlecho's avatar
Yaaaaay! More Zecora love! :dummy:
InvaderAresX's avatar
Aw yeah everyone knows Zecora is best=p
Arastane-Siryphia's avatar
I made a second MLP FiM group today, about
Zecora, I would really love to use a second stamp
from you as the group avatar, because your stamps
are really the best!
jewlecho's avatar
Sure, I don't mind. lol

And good luck with your groups! :D
Wooden-Flashlight's avatar
Just thought I would let you know, I put this up on my front page <3
jewlecho's avatar
I like when people actually tell me that they use these. Thank you~ :meow:

Also, before I saw that your avatar was interacting with another, I thought that Buttercream was walking forward then accidentally bumping her face into the side and blushing. lol
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