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Octavia Stamp

By jewlecho

I'm really starting to like her for some reason. lol

- Part of Set 8 of my MLP Fim icons

See the rest here: [link]


Vector is from: :iconmoongazeponies: [link]
MLP is owned by Hasbro and Lauren Faust
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© 2011 - 2021 jewlecho
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MJNSEIFER's avatar
She is a beautiful pony, in my opinion.
Ripped-ntripps's avatar
Where are the code
thedoritocoon's avatar
She needs her own episode. Period.
N3ONBR0NY's avatar
I'm using it, if that's okay with you ^_^
TheMightyOctaviator's avatar
I don't exactly know how to do stamps.. How do I know what to type to make this come up on my profile? :icon____:? If so, how do I find that out? o.o I can't really figure that out on any stamps so far. <:P
jewlecho's avatar
You would type: :thumb211900925: and you can find that under the section called "Thumb" on the bottom right side of the deviation page.
TheMightyOctaviator's avatar
Oh, right, sorry; I looked it up yesterday and forgot to delete the comment, I guess. Sorry about that. >~<
Paulicus1's avatar
For some reason, I do too! Not sure why though...

Classy pony.
DarkPrince2007's avatar
Screw the 6 manes, she's the best indeed!
addy1235's avatar
Is it WRONG to ship her with Dashie?
jewlecho's avatar
I don't really think it's "wrong" per se. You can ship who you want to ship, even though that sounded like a rhetorical question, lol.

I'm more of a Rainbow Dash x Twilight shipper though. :3
addy1235's avatar
Okay.Cause i think Dashie has been shipped with everyone in the series.
VictoriaCross14's avatar
Apple Jack is my fav but Octavia with no lines barly any scenes to see her i just love hr!!!
u-ok-england's avatar
I love Octavia. She's awesome!

I ship her with pony!BBC Sherlock.
TaquitoQueen's avatar
can I use these stamps???
jewlecho's avatar
Yep! That's what they're there for.
TaquitoQueen's avatar
thanks just wanted to check ;)
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