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The Soul, Relationships, and Maturity
I think everyone understands, or at least can relate to, that period of time when we grow up called puberty. It's an awkward time marked by growth, either excessive confidence or lack thereof, and an increased sense of independence.
With this image in mind, we tend to think our spirituality simply grows up with us. We have the spirituality of a teen when we're teenagers. We then gain experience, we grow up a little bit, and when we become more adult we have an adult spirituality to go along with it.
But what if I were to suggest to you that it doesn't always work like that?
The truth about our bodies is the same as our mind and spirit: our bodies become slow, stiff, and fat if we outright neglect them. Most of us don't work out, but our bodies are still serviceable—we can walk, lift things, and move around without much hassle.
Our minds and spirits/souls are the same—but they work differently. Our bodies grow up naturally, and our bodies are the way we express ourselves. We c
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Ideal and Real
Religion, morality, and ideals are all too often forced to the ground in order to seem real. They are so "regularized" that people eventually will neither care for them nor remember them.
When something seems too ordinary we lose interest. But we know all too well that even the most ordinary-looking thing, when examined, has a richness and complexity the hides from the naked eye.
Individuality and uniqueness of thought do not necessarily lead one to be individual and unique.
Ideals are ideals because we desire to live up to them. "Ideals" that simply tells us we are simply fine as we are not only move us to do nothing—the probably make us worse.
We only recognize that we need or want to change when we see what we want to change into. Thus the musician is moved to be better by hearing something better. The artist is inspired by the artist who seems to capture light, mood, or weight better than he does. Is it not true that the same holds for a happy life?
Ideals are me
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I want to apoliguse for not being around more.  But once school started I no longer had any time to even doodle!  T.T  and it was the worst the last week.  I'm pretty sure I failed my math class on my Birthday...  Oh well, take it again.  How did I like our first semestor?  I liked it at first!  I have more time to figer each class out!  and more time to prepare for exsams!  However.... when exsams hit, they REALLY HIT!  :P

I took four classes, the two most entoresting where "Peolpe and Religions" and "Public Speacking".  The religions class was both fun and the worst mistake I ever made!  This class was a serices of geust speackers who would come int to talk about their religion and how it has effectied them.  It was well known by the class from our first geust that I was really Catholic.  At some point I said that Catholisim was an all or Nothing religion.  (Which I stand by 150%)  This came up cuppled with the teaching of the true precinces of Christ in the Eucarist.  (Which is, of course, the sorces and Summet of the Catholic Church.)  This was brote up again sevrel times including when our Catholic speacker was there.  She, an RCIA director, said that Catholisim is not all or nothing, and non-Catholics and Catholics alike should be aloud to take Communion in any Catholic Church they want.  She also said that the Protestatnt refurmation was a good thing!  (Yeah...  Becouse when ever souls are deseaved and remoeved from Christ's One True Faith, is good...)  At our last meeting we had an "Open" discution for what we took from the whole class.  Every other student agreed that they learned that all religions are the same and not to juge peolpe.  I was so stuned I couldn't speack...  After all that how they can come back and say they are all the same, I will NEVER know.

My public speacking class was kind of fun!  I had the chance to get to know all of my class mates and there were some entorecting charictors.  I sat, for most of the class, with three guys which encluded a Catholic and two "Soft" egnostics.  The two egnostics injoyed cursing a lot...  untill I conffesst to the class that I am concetering becoming a Nun during one of my speeches.  Heehee! :P  I am a tarrible public speacker!  and hated giving speeches, but I will miss the class!

My other two classes were Math and Basic computers...  I failed Math and computers was a peaices of cake!

Christmas was stressful and waird...  Once brake began we had to remodle the livingroom...  Everything was shuved into every other room... and that didn't chage untill the day before Christmas Eve, and then I was waaay too bisy getting ready for the Christmas party.

I am jummping into the relm of digital art!  I have a begeners Bamboo tablet!  "Bamboo Splash"  I will uploed something from that when I feel more confertuble with it...  Right now I feel like I have taken a BIG step backwards in art.  lol

My little sister (only 13 mounth yunger) reseaved a camrea for Christmas and will be getting a DeviantART acount!  I will be sure to pass her along once I have her signed up!  :)
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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Hi! My name is Sarah and I am a beginer watercolorest. I have also been drawing Anime for sefrol years. (Using Mark Crilly's "How to Draw" videos on youtube.)

I draw and paint what I want. If you are a good friend of mine or I just like you, you may see me draw something for you. I will some times take requests and wellcome sigestions.

A quick scan through my Gallery will tell you I post on a virity of subects. Catholic, fan art, Role Play, Games, commics, Birthdays, and more...

Hope you'll take a look and if you like what you see, watch me! ^^"


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God bless you, your family, and other dear ones!…
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Merry Christmas!

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