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stinky steve a minecraft mishap

Author P. T. Evans offers as his biography that he ‘loves Minecraft, pizza, emojis, cats, and fart jokes. When he’s not writing or doing author visits, he is training alligators and sumo wrestling.’ His previous books include EMOJI ADVENTURES and MINECRAFT. The illustrations are by Jake Tashjian.

Steve lives in Minecraft and while out checking the chickens and the pigs and he notes a sickness and a TNT type explosion, looks behind him and there is a giant cloud of fart following him – the stench is coming from Steve. He remarks, ‘Am I the only Steve with uncontrollable farts or did other players download the bean mod too? Is my perfect Minecraft world on its way to being destroyed – by me?’ Searching for the cause he re-plants his garden for better food, tries to sleep and then discovers - it is the Creepers. But the real problem is the Creepers (as opposed to the pigs and chickens and Steve) are attracted to the stink of Steve’s farts. Wanting to dispel the Creepers he looks for weapons and finds TNT. Planting the TNT he explodes it and destroys the Creepers. Or has he? He goes about his daily chores - only a hole in the ground remains where the Creepers invaded. He decides to eat beans and that accentuates his fart problem. In going to the city he looks for armor to guard against his farts. And in typical Minecraft lingo Steve thinks, ‘Living in Minecraft, I’ve always dealt with mobs: Creepers, zombies, skeletons, silverfish, even blazes in the Nether, but I’ve never seen a mob as angry and violent as this one.’ But the farts continue and turn the villagers against him so he escapes in a boat on the river and encounters a witch’s home and tries the various potions to rid him of his problem. But of course the witches return and, oddly enough they want to make potions of Steve’s farts….and so it goes – Steve ends up a Minecraft superhero!

Even if you don’t follow Minecraft this little book is so humorous and well written and illustrated that it will become a favorite of kids and adults.