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This journal is going to be a call out journal 
I know I said I would never do one again but this needs to be said cause THIS has been going on for 3 weeks now 
So remember that statues I made Jul. 3 2018
yes I am going bring this up again cause THIS user is STILL talking about it. 
AND now I am going to bring their name into this and tell the FULL story.
Does anyone remember this user LIlly or xBurningWarrior or even xalainu these user is also 0afraidofmonsters0
and now she is making a NEW account to get away from everything.
this is a person named Lilly and she has a ED 
cause of her drama SHE caused here on DA
just look up this name on ED and you will find it 

Now some of you are probably wondering why I am doing this. 
Cause this user this 23 24 year old woman child LIES! 
SHE craves drama, and attention, she threaten one of my friends to give her a BLACK EYE 
she thinks she is so smart when I was trying to talk to her and correct me every time I spelled one little word wrong. 
I am done....
This user this woman child has been going around and telling other users on Discord that 
why she can't return to DA or anything is cause of me and a friend
which fun fact I don't talk to her much the only time I talked to her was about that this journal she made cause I was worried that she did not get the full story.
Not getting the full story journal by JewelrySketchGeek
this journal 
Now how this ALL happened was cause she only listened to you named it 
which she was lying as well to get everyone on her side.
NOW here is the story 
so I am a admin in a Discord group and i was off for a few and come back to see that Dazzlinggirl16 was causing trouble in our group 
here is the proof of the WHOLE thing that happened
And then miss Lilly made a journal WITHOUT getting BOTH side of the STORY 
So me being a friend asked her and this is what i get from her 
As you can see I was getting really annoyed by her correcting me,I know i am not a good speller but can you not point it out every time!
 i even asked her to stop but she did not.
And then my friend :iconacronasilverfox:
talk to lily and GAVE her the screenshots of what Erin did too 
I did not get the screenshots of her conversation with lily 
but Lilly never said she was sorry for that  

and then another friend told her 
what happened 

So after that we thought it was done...
but guess what, finding out
she is going into other Discord servers and telling other 
that me and a friend are the CAUSE of her not 
feeling uncomfortable to come onto DA.
HOW am I and my friend making you feeling like this
when we don't even TALK to you! 
Lilly let me tell you something 
I suffer from anxiety, high blood pressure, dyslexia and depression
but you know what I don't go around and say it 24/7 like you 
I don't go around and say I am going t kill myself cause someone does not like what I SAY
I am done lilly 
you think you can't do anything wrong 
you don't own up to ANYTHING you do 
you don't change 
you are a child 
and can't own up to what you do or APOLOGIZE 
for anything.
You can't even unblock me and my friends to apologize to us personally and talk it out like a mature adult 
you have to block us to make us look like the bad guys
I am just done.

Also this statues you made 2 hours ago does not matter in anything you did not put what you are apologizing for all you are doing is saying sorry for the journal 
what about how you threaten my friend or how you treated me when all i asked you was why you made the journal.

This journal is my LAST call out I promise i am just done with this and with lilly.

Also my geekling can you give love to my friend 
she really needs some right now.

So opening upSo I've been sort of sitting on this for almost three weeks now, and honestly, if I don't open up about it, I don't think it'll make me feel any better for what has happened.
So about two weeks ago, I was in a Discord Server of which I'm an admin on. While working on a few things and checking in on the server, I happened to notice that we had a repeat violation of a person who was unfortunately on the verge of being banned basically. The point boiled down to that we were trying to calm this person down, she got banned I went to their journal where they were talking about what happened, and I told them and explained to them the situation because they weren't telling the full truth.
Half way into my talk yes, I said that if this person doesn't change their ways, they would end up like Chris Chan. 
Yes, a horrible thing to say to anyone considering the history of who Chris Chan is, yeah, it was pretty bad, but still the truth none the less.
So the following day what do I learn, as I

Anyway thank you my geeklings for listening to OUR side for the story and not just ONE side...
Remember I love you all so much 

Journal History


SO day was so shitty and then I saw this and I am like omg YES So excited 
I am a DB Super DBZ fan so much 
Majin Vegeta Smiling Gif Icon 1 Star Ball 2  Star Ball 3  Star Ball 4  Star Ball 5  Star Ball 6  Star Ball 7  Star Ball Vegeta Smiling Gif Icon  
I want to apolozie for my statue last night. I was very frustrated and annoyed but now I'm feeling better because I know I have friends who care and love me for me. So i am going to move on from this cause the user that did this is nothing but a lair and will say anything to look like an innocent angel. So i hope everyone is having a wonderful 4th od july and remember my geeklings i love you all so much!? Have a safe and wonderful 4th.
You know what really hurts...being blamed for something you did not do. Then trying to talk to someone on why they made a journal on something that was resolved, being told you are a petty child, then finding out this user in the journal they made threaten a very dear friend of your saying "i am going to give them a black eye" blocks you on discord for saying the truth. And then finally hearing the truth and says a half ass sorry but does not come to everyone they upset. Wow...this had been a day...of pure madness and annoying people....sorry but i need to say this thank you for listening my geeklings
Also could you all go give my dear friend some hugs and cheer…
Update: so this user blocked me without even a i am sorry for calling you a petty child and a and they are 24 years of age and act like a woman child...real mature sweetie
Okay my geeklings…
Come one come all and ask me a question and i'll answer it for you!
Hey my geeklings 
guess what! 
BLADI is coming to get you! 
Baldi's basics in education and learning (gif) Baldi's basics in education and learning (gif) Baldi's basics in education and learning (gif) Baldi's basics in education and learning (gif) Baldi's basics in education and learning (gif) Baldi's basics in education and learning (gif) Baldi's basics in education and learning (gif) Baldi's basics in education and learning (gif) 
BBiEaL - Baldi Slapping His Ruler BBiEaL - Baldi Slapping His Ruler BBiEaL - Baldi Slapping His Ruler BBiEaL - Baldi Slapping His Ruler BBiEaL - Baldi Slapping His Ruler BBiEaL - Baldi Slapping His Ruler BBiEaL - Baldi Slapping His Ruler BBiEaL - Baldi Slapping His Ruler 
give me a gif of what you would do?
So I posted DAT ASS, on twitter and this is what happened on it
DAT ASS on Twitter by JewelrySketchGeek
Laugh LOL Laugh Out Loud Spit Laugh Jensen/Dean Evil Laugh ~ free to use! England (Laughing) [V3] 
this is just so funny 


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