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A Secret Place



Inspired / fuelled by Placebo's version of "Running Up That Hill" and my story "Eggshell Pink" (all chapters on dA!)

I guess the concept behind this is there is a place, where two lovers meet, and there is nothing but passion. Nobody else exists. They feel both vulnerable and safe. Also eludes to the fact that in the end, they are alone, even when together, and if the love fades away... "In the end, it doesn't even matter".

Also inspired by a dream I had about a meeting place in a forest at the top of a hill with an abandoned dirt track leading up to it. Sounds weird I know! This was mostly a speedmanip, as it didn't really take all that long, I wanted to keep it simple. I love the way that the guy is giving a cute little grin in 3 of the pics! Anyway, you can decide what it means yourself :)

Photos used:

Desert at bottom: [link]

Couple at bottom: [link]

Couple in other pics: [link]

Sunny / misty forest at top: [link]

Foggy green forest 2nd down: [link]

Final forest 3rd down: [link]
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nice concept. beautiful array of scenes