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Fanart: Ra'yl



Here's some sudden random fanart for :icondragonsong12: of her character Ra'yl from her webcomic Firefly Cross ( [link] ). I've always admired her ability to continually update both her comics. Few people know that one of the reasons I draw today is because I got into reading webcomics, and Firefly Cross was one of them back in those days. Sadly I haven't kept up with the story ^^; but it's the next on my list to catch up on.

I can't quite remember all of Ra'yl's personality, but while I was drawing him, he developed a sceptical look on his face and I imaged him asking "Does this art style make me look fat?" so I figured I'd leave it in.

Hope I did okay.
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no, just slightly elfish tho

XD nice, I like the lines and style of his build! kinna reminds me of old Jack Kirby stuff