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Fanart: Ra'yl

By Jetyra-Luck
Here's some sudden random fanart for :icondragonsong12: of her character Ra'yl from her webcomic Firefly Cross ( [link] ). I've always admired her ability to continually update both her comics. Few people know that one of the reasons I draw today is because I got into reading webcomics, and Firefly Cross was one of them back in those days. Sadly I haven't kept up with the story ^^; but it's the next on my list to catch up on.

I can't quite remember all of Ra'yl's personality, but while I was drawing him, he developed a sceptical look on his face and I imaged him asking "Does this art style make me look fat?" so I figured I'd leave it in.

Hope I did okay.
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TravisBickle4WilyKit's avatar
no, just slightly elfish tho

XD nice, I like the lines and style of his build! kinna reminds me of old Jack Kirby stuff
Jetyra-Luck's avatar
Thanks, I did a bit of referencing for the muscles, I usually have too. Any images of Kirby's early work?
TravisBickle4WilyKit's avatar

..........fists like bricks!
dragonsong12's avatar
Haha! AWESOME! What a great surprise I find waiting for me in my message in-box! In answer to your question, Ry, no, it makes you look muscular, like how you're SUPPOSED to look, but I often fail at. :D I love his expression too, taking it without the speech bubble, I'd assume Kaytn did something weird again and he's just totally weirded out by it. :D

I wouldn't worry about being behind in the comics, they aren't going anywhere and anyway, my style of writing reads much better in chuncks than a page at a time. (I'd be slow to read it myself if I weren't the one writing it :XD:) Besides, how can I complain when you gave me such a big compliment! :hug: Thanks so much!
Jetyra-Luck's avatar
I figured I'd give you a reason to check your inbox ;). I had plans to make you some fanart long before now but I never got to it. I'm glad Ry turned out okay, I tend to draw my male characters muscular but I didn't want Ry to look like Arnold in his Conan days.

I'm itching to read FC and TM again. They're the next two on my long list of webcomics to catch up on. Right now though they're behind the last 100 pages of the Order of the Stick I still have to read. As much as I love that comic, I find that sometimes the characters speak more than needed, but when it only updates once a week I guess you get more bang for your buck that way.

:hug: No problem for the gift art, I may do more, we'll see. While I was drawing Ry I learned a lot of little things, like how useful it is to have a comic character made up of similar colors (same red used for the hair, wings and tattoo) and how simple outfits are best when you're doing a lot of drawing with a deadline. :)
dragonsong12's avatar
Dude, Order of the Stick DEFINITELY comes first! I have no complaints about taking second to that, that's a compliment as far as I'm concerned! (yeah, I'm a big fan myself. :D)

Besides, you haven't really missed much on FFC. It wasn't until the more recent chapters that I thought FFC was getting good again. The writing was in a lull there for a while, but it's been pretty fun lately, so that means there should be some goo0d stuff waiting! :D And it's not going anywhere.

What's funny to me about this fanart though is that I had intended to draw Jet for you for ages. I dunno, the design just looks so fun to draw, but I never got the right inspiration for it. I still intend to though. I WILL SUCCEED! haha!
Jetyra-Luck's avatar
Order of the Stick has a great mix of non DnD and DnD humor and I'm shocked the guy still has material after 750+ pages. But eventually you crave some non-stick art and some less comical stories.

Oh lord, if you ever even ATTEMPT to draw Jet I'd salute you. :XD: She's hard for me to even draw sometimes. She's the epitomy of why making comics is hard for me: I always tweak characters and make them complex without even thinking about the bitch it'll be to draw them over and over again.
dragonsong12's avatar
Haha! That's something I learned the hard way, myself. Go back to the first few chapters and see how complex Ry's original design was! ^^; Whoops! Complex designs are a lot of fun to draw on occaision though. It's part of why I'd like to give Jet a try! :D

If I had to give some advice about getting started making this stuff it'd be to (1)Have a plan - it's so much easier going in with even a loosely planned story, since it makes it easier to weave the story together (though based on what I've seen, you may already have that) (2) Make a schedule that you can stick to - I can't count the number of other comic makers that start off with a quick schedule and then peter off into nothing. I have certain stages of each page that I try to do each day so that I don't get overwhelmed on any one day of the week. Also, having a buffer is great for when things come up (and things WILL come up ^^;) (3) Don't be afraid to mess up - mistakes WILL happen, and that's okay. There's some stuff in my comics that I look back at and wonder how I could have ever posted them online, but you move on, you get better, and people forget about those screw-ups surprisingly quick, I've found (4) Don't get discouraged - and that may be the most difficult. Webcomics are a largely thankless task, and I often catch myself wondering why I put so much time and effort into it, but once you see it all together, it really is worth it.

Aaaaaand, THAT got a lot longer than I expected! haha! Sorry, I just always feel going into something prepared makes it easier to face, and I'd really like too see what you put together! I keep getting glimpses of a story through your art, and I'd like to see it all from beginning to end!
Jetyra-Luck's avatar
No No, thanks for the advice :). I knew some of it already but it's always nice to get more. In my younger days I had plans to just jump into a project without any planning but times have changed for me. Right now I find myself at a level where I have the art knowledge to do a comic but I need the story. I've gone through so many that I've lost count. Sadly, Jet's story was one of the casualties because while it's a complex world, there was no real story to it. The world is still alive but for now it's taken a backseat until I can think of something. It might end up a prelude of sorts to a current story I'm formulating involving my new avatar/persona. Her story is starting to come together but it needs some solid side characters. I might even end up melding the two stories together. My only concern is that Jet's world would introduce too many distracting elements.
dragonsong12's avatar
I used to do the same thing, I believed in more "organic" stories that developed themselves as I went, but then I tried planning out and it was just SO much easier and more fun. Haha! Ah, our misspent youth. :D

Hm...I understand on the second part too, stories do need a pirpose, and drive, I think. I wouldn't discount Jet's world, though, it is - as you say - complex. Even from the bits and pieces I've seen, and it has some excellent world building in place. Creating a believable universe is often the hardest part, so that's a good base to start from. Pulling it together into a story, though? I can imagine that being a bit daunting, haha!
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