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Sam shuffled his way through the darkness. The muffled sound of thunder pierced its way through the thick drywall around him.

Dean was out running some errands, so he decided to explore the walls a little. Sadly, there were no signs of people like him. So he was intent on just getting some exercise with his "extreme parkour" as Dean called it.

Hitting a dead end, Sam looked up to see another beam just close enough for his hook to reach. He quickly made his way up, tossing the hook with practiced skill.
He repeated this again and again, with the beams higher up.
He was briefly reminded of an old arcade game from his youth, where Mario climbed platforms while dodging barrels. Luckily he didn't have any obstacles like that.

Finally reaching the highest beam, he resumed his walk, heading toward the motel front. He wanted to see if there was a spot to see outside, like at Trails West. He could use some cool air after that workout.

He soon found what he was looking for. A small slit in the wall, leaking soft light from the cloud covered sun. There wasn't any rain, but if there was it would have definitely leaked. Not enough for the motel to notice, but it would at least dampen the wood he was standing on. So it was big enough for any gusts to seep in.

Stepping into the light, he realized he couldn't really feel any air from inside. He walked closer, grasping the edge of the split and pulling it back, opening it up. Now he could see that the slit was part of a shingle, worn down over the years, that the motel never bothered to replace.

Still not getting enough air, Sam poked his head out of the roof. He let out a sigh of content as the refreshing air ran past him, cooling his hot face. With the rest of his body still untouched, he began to pull himself more out of the crack.
Birds didn't come out during storms, so he didn't have to worry about being snatched up.

Pulling himself all the way out, he gingerly sat down to the side, his boots keeping him from sliding downward.

For a moment, Sam just took it all in. It had been a while since he was up this high, where he could pretend everyone below was his size. He sat back, looking up at the sky, relaxing at the calm atmosphere.

Until the first drop hit. Shaking him from his peaceful thoughts, Sam looked over to see a wet spot mirroring the size of his hand land next to his boot. Then all of a sudden, they surrounded him, sprayed him with cups of water.


Sam scrambled up, turning to get back inside. He had never really been hit by a raindrop before, Dean made sure of that, and he had no intention of doing so today. Getting hit with a flying ball of water as big as his shoe did not sound like fun.

He was almost to the opening...when he slipped.
He failed to notice a drop fall right in from of him, slicking up the rough surface below. He fell onto his stomach, one hand grabbing the edge of the entrance last minute.
Wincing, he brought his other hand up to pull himself in, when a drop landed square on his gripping hand.

Sam let out a yelp of surprise, letting go. He panicked, frantically searching for purchase as he slid downwards. Before he knew it, he felt ground underneath him disappear.
Here is the 1st part of my contest entry for Nightmares06 I am a dummy! I know it's a bit short, I promise I will post the next parts soon! Unlike all my other unfinished worksSweating a little... 
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OOH NOPE! Good luck?! XD
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He needs a very big umbrella over that area! So cute!
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Oh no!! Sammy! :o