My computer died today, but I'm able to check on my brother's PC & my phone til I get a new one soon. Thankfully, I had no art in-progress that was lost. And I still have the commission art in Stash that I can post on Wed.

Til then, I'm focusing on doing other stuff this weekend, work art when I get back, etc. Feel free to check out older art (or even the oldest) in the meantime if you want. :) Thanks!

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How did your computer die?

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It stopped working. A bit old.

Thanks for the comment. Hope you enjoy the art. :)

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Ouch, it must be a pain in the ass to hear such bad news for your computer and let's hope it won't take until the end of the summer vacations before you can get a new one.

You were lucky not to have any drawings in progress stored in that computer that died, this is a good compensation

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No, I have no vacation, and I should have a new one tomorrow.

Yes, thanks. :)

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While you PC is dead, you now have a sort of break from having to be on it all day haha

Hope you're able to get a new one soon, though.

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Hey, been a while. Thanks for the message.

I use it for work, entertainment, and communication.

Did work drawing yesterday, and am using my brother's for the weekend.

Business partner's getting me one by tomorrow.

You've been on Do Not Disturb for Discord, so I'll let you know here I did a Shantae art you might like some months ago:

Shantae and the Seven Sirens

Did some other art, but hope you're doing well.

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that's good sorry about your PC though hope you get one soon

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Yes. Tomorrow.

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