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The Trouble with Mandy

Location  Malibu, CA
For: Journey to the Center of the Spy.
A Totally Spies fanfic Cotterill23 wrote a while back on FF.Net. 
Now posting on Wattpad:…
Two beautiful Mali-U extras seen in the series, the trio in workout outfits, and Mandy.
Cotterill named the extras: Tara (left) and Donna (beside her).
That's a lot of ladies. Who's your fav? Wink/Razz  Other characters are out of view in this shot. :) (Smile) 

Part of the reason I did this is due to Cotterill's helping me see Thunderbirds Are Go!
Another artwork is on the way. We'll see how many are done for this one. :D (Big Grin) 
Rights to Marathon.
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Hazlamglorius's avatar

Those girls from Totally Spies, Great Work!. :nod:

jettmanas's avatar

Welcome, and thank you! :)

Yes, I have a ton of TS fanart. ;P

csgt's avatar

Amazing work on all six characters, really great and once again, no surprise there, nailed the TS artsyle.

Thanks for llama badge and behave

turanszkij's avatar

That's very nice! Fav is Clover here :)

jettmanas's avatar

Thanks! Good choice.

I keep thinking each TS is my last one. We'll see. :D

DarthWill3's avatar

Where would we be without Mandy? ;)

jettmanas's avatar

Thanks for the fav & comment!

Despite her being an antagonist, she saves them in the the ep. Eraser, so she was a big help there. :D

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Peter-Sakazaki's avatar

Gonna love this one. Mandy surely is a real meanie in this. :)

I really love Alex's new hair style. She looks fresh on that one :)

jettmanas's avatar

Thanks! Indeed she is.

Glad you like that style.

And that I got to draw two new Mali-U girls. :)

Ameroboto's avatar

Wow, never expected these two! Good job!

jettmanas's avatar

Glad to finally draw them. Very beautiful Mali-U girls.


Ameroboto's avatar

You're welcome. :)

Mat49324's avatar

Another good post for sure! Already favorited! Looking forward to the next one. :) :) :)

jettmanas's avatar

Thanks! Good to have you back. :)

Mat49324's avatar

As always! I'll be on the lookout for more of your posts.

godzila19943's avatar

ok what did Mandy do to Tara and Donnie ?

jettmanas's avatar

You mean Donna? :) Nothing to her. If you want to know for Tara, there's the fic.

Did you like the art? :clap: Thanks for the comment (no fav is fine).

godzila19943's avatar

I was concerned since Mandy is a bully on the show itself so i was thinking that she said something to hurt Donna's feeling

jettmanas's avatar


And maybe you like the art.

I noticed you re-fav the art I did for you, again.

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