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Call From Jerry

For: Journey to the Center of the Spy.
A Totally Spies fanfic Cotterill23 wrote a while back on FF.Net. 
Now posting on Wattpad:…

A compowder call usually happens in every episode, but this is my first art of it.

Part of the reason I did this is due to Cotterill's helping me see Thunderbirds Are Go!
Another artwork is on the way. We'll see how many are done for this one. :D (Big Grin) 
Rights to Marathon.
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Three more TS fic artworks are wrapped & posting soon, i hope.

And I appreciate the fav on the Shanty/Tian one. :)

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You're welcome.

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Thumbs-up from me! :)

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Really loved the civillian clothes the spies are wearing in this pic, and the compowder call really looks like a hologram, very well done. Fantastic job as usual.

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Thanks! Glad you like all of that, and first time doing the hologram effect. :)

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So good! Colors amazing, linework seamless, I love it!

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I keep going over these before posting, looking for mistakes.

Glad to hear it works. :D

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I love Alex's new hair.

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Thanks for the fav & comment. :) For this & Jetstream!

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Great work on the com-powder. I really love the mature look Alex as her outfit fits her perfectly. :) Job well done :D

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Thanks very much. :D

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after reading Atmu comment just wanted to say I like Alex hair style. Kind of 70s retro look giving the spies a kid of Charlies Angels vibe to them

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Alexandra's hairstyle is a bit strange, it looks like she had seaweed grafted in place of her hair which was then dyed black

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Yes, I've done that hair by request for Cotterill for a while. Sorry to hear you don't like anything about this art (at least no mention, or fav).

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I particularly like Samantha's chic outfit and this scarf on her hair brings a little eccentric touch to her look.

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Thanks. Good choice by Cotterill on that. :)

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being the wrong time for Jerry to call he then accidently give away the girls position when it comes to the villains their trying to avoid

jettmanas's avatar

Thanks for the fav.

The timing was fine. In the fic (if you like light reading), they're hanging out at Mali-U. No villains.

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didn't read the fic just going by what comes to me seeing image

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Alex is the winner here, so hot! You picked some good colours for variety in all the outfits. Diggin the holographic effect for Jerry. He looks angry lol

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