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KI3T by Jetta-Windstar KI3T by Jetta-Windstar
I saw KI3T at the Universal Studios tour. Two guys that worked at the park noticed i had my KITT Happens shirt on and urged me to go on the tour, and told me where to sit in the vehicle to get pictures! One of two things there that really made my day x3. He was next to the Mystery Machine and Fast and the Furious vehicles :)
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DallellesLaul Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2013
That was nice of them to give you the inside info.  I'm actually a fan of the _original Knight Rider_ who hadn't really seen_ all the remakes until recently...  I'm glad they are keeping the franchise alive...  They even have something out there with a female KITT (I forget the series/movie name), though I didn't totally like the premise.
Jetta-Windstar Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2013
indeed! i do hope the franchise doesnt completely die after KR08, many were disappointed in it. I wasn't but i admit there were some things i wish they had done differently too :P. Never heard anything about the female KITT, honestly not interested either haha.
DallellesLaul Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2013
I have mixed feelings about this sort of thing.... Why not they instead just make a new show about an intelligent vehicle?  I don't think anyone wants to feel like the marketing morons are just playing us like a fiddle and _only because_ XYZ "worked before" (as if we're that simple or something).  Then again, people do love KITT and I guess Dave Hasselhoff did want to move on and do other things just like William Shatner and Patrick Stewart did...
Jetta-Windstar Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2013
I agree- for the most part. Though on the bright side, i personally love KITT no matter what form they chose (been a fangirl since i was 9 lols). I was a bit appalled that they chose a Mustang but i got over it, i must say, KI3T's voice is sooo sexy xD. I think what most people cant get over is the abundance in improved technology in both FLAG and KITT himself. I mean he can transform into numerous things that KI2T couldnt do. Heard of Spy Hunter, and the car in the game called the Interceptor? KI3T seemed like a 2008 version of the Interceptor, except bullet proof and intelligent. But really, i wish they had stuck with at least a Pontiac-something or other lols. I guess Ford offered the monetary support they needed to make it work though...

At least they had the original Michael Knight appear in the premier :3.
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