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Goliath's Alternate Mode by Jetta-Windstar Goliath's Alternate Mode by Jetta-Windstar
An alternate mode for another OC. He was inspired from a character from knight rider who only made a couple cameo appearances as a large gray semi.

After using Goliath as a semi, I decided he'd be really bad ass as a flier. When I do his image profile, yall will see he's a pretty formiddable charrie as a Con. He has ten drones and also has nanotech. similar KITT and KARRs, if not more advanced nanotehc--the nanotech is more like the technology based off the Replicators in Stargate SG1.

Originally, Goliath stayed gray, and for a short time he was a C130 Gunship (those are mean mother f*ckers!), but it was agreed that his mech form would be GIGANTIC if we used that, like, bigger than Blackout and Megatron. *shrugs* So now, in this alternate mode, (even though it's a bit more common, yes) Goliath stands at about 34 feet. Weapons are: missiles, ten drones that are triple changers about Arcee's size and have alternate modes of either a motorcycle or a predator UCAV, acidic energon claws, and a bot-sized kurasigama.

Goliath has a VERY interesting background, as he is technically NOT a Decepticon. This will all be explained when I finally get to his image profile.

*wishes she had a picture of his mech form x_x*

Goliath's theme song: Snap your fingers, snap your neck by Demon Hunter

Goliath is officially original. No stealing/using unless you get my permission, etc!
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May 24, 2010
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