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This data is effective since 2012 after receiving weapon and transformation upgrades.

_Processor Core:_The central processing unit. AS it is for any computer, this CPU is KITT's brain. Unlike a typical CPU though, this system is heavily locked with a surrounding layer of malware protocol that prevents hackers from accessing the CPU with vengeance. The CPU transmits an embedded signal unique to the rest of the Cybertronians-identifying him as neither an Autobot nor Decepticon. An advanced programmer is required to understand the malware protocol because it not only secures the advanced data base that is connected to KITT's memory, but it controls other primary power and healing systems in KITT.

>>Serial number:AlphaDelta227529.

>>Data base: Contains a vast array of information regarding Earth in various fields of science. This data base can also store many terabytes worth of spread sheets, language translations (including Cybertronian and sign language), random trivia, contact information, and maps, and millions of recordings, images and sounds.

>>High Speed Internet Access: As  long as KITT is online, KITT can connect to any detectable server and download new data.

>>Surveillance mode: Connected to his scanners, KITT can act as a GPS and connect to satellites. On most occasions, he'll stick to using the satellite FLAG has access to.

_ RAM:_KITT's processor core, like the G8155 Interceptor, contains an enormous amount of Random Access Memory (RAM). All though it is not known to anyone but KITT and Sarah Graiman, the amount of RAM is seemingly infinite. It contains far more than a few terabytes, allowing backup/secondary systems to operate at full capacity when in a pinch.

_Positronic Net:_Functioning similarly to a Cybertronian, over time due to the webbing of nanomachines and high speed fiber optic chords that are embedded in his Processor Core and sensory systems, KITT develops a more intuitive conscience-even compared to his former self the KI2T, allowing him far deeper levels of thought than one might initially expect.

_Fiber Optic Neural Cables:_Like the Cybertronians, KITT has millions of neural fibers throughout his molecular shell. However, these fibers are seemingly much smaller than most Cybertronians. These neural fibers contain a large portion of the unique high speed replicating nanomachines that allow KITT to sense damage and repair weak areas to a certain degree. These neural fibers are connected to the unique scanner which will be discussed later in the document. The neural fibers are connected to the processor core and positronic net, meaning that if the processor core was somehow accessed, the nanomachines could be manipulated. Luckily, Charles attempted to find a way around that issue.

_Hybrid Solar Panel Sensory Chips:_These mini chips embedded in KITT's armor connect to the neural fiber-optic cables, circulating solar energy as a backup energy source to the power core. The original KI3T was capable of converting solar energy into a back up energy source for the sake of fuel efficiency, though by fewer neural fiber optic cables. Now having adapted and received upgrades, there are significantly more of these fiber-optic cables that allow KITT's Hybrid Solar Panel Sensory Chips to function at close to 98.5% rather than what they were capable originally, approximately 75%.

_Power Core:_ Formerly simply having been his engine system as the original KI3T, KITT now has something more like a Laser Core and Spark that keeps him online and in sync with his CPU. The power core does not have a spark per-say, but it consists of sub-atomic generators that stores solar energy, manage lubricant fluids and Energon. The Power Core is barred by KITT's chest plate, and cannot be opened as easily like armor of most Cybertronians. This Power Core is also connected to the system that transmits surges of these energies and combines them into a combustible mixture used in Turbo boost (which allows an intense increase in speed). Normally, with the help of inertia dampeners, the power is balanced as quickly as possible  so that KITT doesn't experience grow weary after Turbo-boost is activated. This Power Core is connected to a set of Boosters/After burners in the mid-upper back, which is what consistently generates the stream of blue ionized energy when Turbo-boost is activated.

_Sensory systems:_KITT's sensory systems are very different from other Cybertronians. The neural fibers branch towards the front/upper body of KITT, meaning his upper body is generally far more sensitive than the lower. These fibers connect to an advanced multi-wave length sensory device that grants KITT the full 6 senses, where as his former self could not feel pain due to the lack of the integrated neural fiber technology.

_Transformation Sequence Chip:_This chip allows KITT to transform, and is generally located near the scanners under the chassis embedded in the molecular shell (which will be defined later). This device is located on the base of his neck in his mech form. The TSC is sensitive to the current condition of the Scanner, so transforming may limited or impossible if either of these parts are damaged (hence it being one of his main weaknesses). There being neural fibers connected to the transformation chip, this is a sensitive area and all though not so obvious, can prove to be quite painful if someone manages to grab/scratch him there in battle. Below are a review of KITT's abilities and limitations for the transformation sequences.

>>Transformation restrictions: Generally limited to no more than the mass of his 20 foot tall mech form, or, equivalent to the mass of a Mustang Shelby Cobra GT500KR.
>>Default Alternate Mode: Originally rebuilt/revamped as a Mustang Shelby Cobra GT5000KR, KITT 's commonly used alternate mode is the Mustang.

>>4x4 mode:[/b] Programmed by Sarah Graiman, KITT is capable of adapting to off-road terrain, seeing how the Mustang lacks the ability.

>>Default 4x4 mode: Black F150 Supercrew, double cab. This 4x4 has the option of adding additional lights to the roof and extra protection on the grill.

>>Attack mode: All though used mostly via the Mustang alternate mode and his mech form, it is entirely possible that KITT can activate his weapons in his 4x4 mode as well. The attack mode will be explained in better detail in a different section. See profile for weapons details.

_Hybrid Scanner and Radar system:_ Another thing that the millions neural fibers and nanomachines connect to is the unique Hybrid Scanner and Radar System. Barred by a set of pacing red LED lights above the grill of his alternate modes or covering the optics in his mech form, this highly advanced scanner transmits and receives energy waves of all lengths. The highly sensitive fiber-optic neural cables send data through the cables to the CPU where sensory data is processed and gathered as information. KITT 's scanners act as a set of eyes more powerful than most Cybertronians, and the cameras built in allow KITT to adjust to seeing various distances over a handful of miles without needing a battle visor. When online, the Scanner makes an eerie, notable, but faint humming sound that fades in and out at the same time as the pacing LED light movements.

_Attack Mode Chip:_ Attached near the base of the Processor Core is an Attack Mode chip that allows KITT to activate his weapons in any form. When in his vehicular form, this chip is hidden under the hood far in the back near the engine block. The attack mode sends a signal to the nanomachines to increase KITT's sports car alternate modes to reduce drag by at least 30% depending on the alternate mode chosen. When activated, a unique set of tri hood scoops will rise up on the hood, and a spoiler will rise up on the rear. There will be a blue under-glow of the chassis, along with different, sleeker tire rims. When in attack mode, a feature called Turbo-boost is accessible. This feature will be explained later.

_Replicating Nanomachines:_ All though these nanomachines function the same way the nano cells of Cybertronians do, these nanomachines have the ability to repair on the spot  rather than move to various locations unless commanded to do so by the sensory triggered in the millions of fiber-optic neural cables. Additionally, the nanomachines are a part of KITT's lubricant system, meaning KITT doesn't necessarily need Energon to survive, all though his fluid systems are capable of allowing its consumption as a primary energy source. When having received the transformation and weapons sequence upgrades, Sarah and KITT discovered that the nanomachines responded quite positively to the consumption of Energon. Over the years, KITT's system has adapted further to where Energon is embedded amongst the neural fiber-optic cables in key areas, stimulating the nanomachines so they have the ability to replicate at the same speeds they're supposed to function at in his Bot form as well. Many of these nanomachines are embedded in a molecular bonded shell that replaces the typical alloy of an everyday vehicle and as a result makes it much more tough even without the nanomachines operating. These nanomachines move slightly faster on KITT after having upgraded, so they are now  able to extend themselves outside of KITT's body by a certain degree as long as they remain clustered together.

_Molecular Shell:_ The molecular shell, much like the G8155 Interceptor's, contains a fusion of flexible yet dense fibers and strong metals that makes KITT's form more tougher than most Cybertronians without the nanomachines being fully operational. This new version of the Molecular Shell actually has a layer of 'dead' nanomachines, kind of the opposite concept of how a person's  skin consists of dead cells.

_Nanomachine Sensory Cluster:_ Connected to the neural fiber-optic cables embedded in KITT's back is an cluster of nanomachines that is more dense than the rest of KITT's forms, all though all other areas of the form have the nanomachines shifting about for protection where needed on various degrees, and typically at three times the rate of normal Cybertronians nano-cells (or more). This area controls how fast the nanomachines move and where they're focused to, unlike on the KI2T and original KI3T where they were distributed evenly through the molecular shell. This cluster is also connected to the CPU, which will inform KITT automatically when the nanomachines are slowing. Should the nanomachines be offline, the Sensory Cluster is so dense and sensitive that KITT will still feel pain due to the neural fiber-optic cables embedded in the underside of the Molecular Shell.

_Turbo-boost:_ The turbo boost feature, which is built into KARR and the G8155 Interceptor as well, is a powerful combustion chamber that converts nitrous oxide and other elements stored in the Power Core into a powerful surge of energy that leaves behind a contrail of ionized energy. This feature is accessible in Attack Mode and allows speeds to increase up to 150 mph, whatever the current speed may be.
Used on the following forum, Transformers, Shattered Desitinies, I am using KI3T who is canon to KR, but received transformation and weapons upgrades from the Autobots.

Link to thread DA submission my thread is posted in: [link]

Link to forum: [link]

Critiques are welcome. I'll be submitting a code-free version of KITT's profile at a later time. :) Remember, this describes KITT himself, not the weapons he uses.
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