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Actually, I was going to propose too (3/3)



Breeding Papers for Lunar Wisp - 7704 by ImpInc on DeviantArt for DemonKai789 
Prompt 11: Before your Imp can have any kits, they must impress a potential mate! For this challenge, show your Imp offering a gift to a potential mate. This gift can be almost anything, but must be a physical object. The other Imp can be one of your own, an Imp owned by another player, or a generic NPC.

Triple Chocolate Cheesecake had brought them to the spot where they had first met and proposed to him a pearl in a clam. Much to her delight, seconds later Lunar Wisp showed her a very nice geode he found, as his promise to love her. 
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Clean Lines: 2

Fullbody: 4

Total= 6 AT for 7704

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