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Really like this one! Took long enuff! painted by observation from the new album cover! x
coments pleasee! x ta! x

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It looks just like the album cover!!!! :D
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I love the detail in the hair, good work!
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you have been featured here
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This beautiful piece has been featured here [link]
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Lovely rendition.
Tirnaidhaine's avatar
That is beautiful :rose:
misscam-ftw's avatar
This is incredibly good ! I love it !
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OMG! That's incredible! He's so realistic! I really can't believe it!

Xhydralisk's avatar
Too bad much of today's youth sees him for what he is TODAY, rather than what he WAS and what he did.
waluigis-girl's avatar
Aw yeah, it's Michael Jackson! I love his music. :3
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Laurelindorenae's avatar
*jaw drops* OMG ! Such great work !!! I love it !
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Incredible work...I could only dream of being that accurate. :worship:
You must be really proud of this. :D
Doritogirl100's avatar
Is that Michael Jackson ! lololololloo
JetMcC's avatar
LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!! D D!!!! love ya Xtie! x x x x
uncolored's avatar
don't like jacko but your paint is very good. great details and shadows. :clap:
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God. It makes me feel like a 12yo boy. (But then where do I find one round here?) :rofl:
JetMcC's avatar
Ooooooooooooohhh!! i might just do that!!!
Phish666's avatar
*whistles* very good, now If you did one the same, but with white skin and a weird nose, you could do a cool multi layered thing, with one face melting inoto the other.
shimbo-kun's avatar
Jesus you're getting good! :O Awesome blending, Joe!
AuroraAustrialis's avatar
AAGH!!! It's scary! hehe
anyway, it's really great! Love the detail
let-it-enfold-you's avatar
great detail!

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