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Star Trek fans can be really paradoxical, at one hand they are some of the most open minded people you'll ever meet while simultaneously being the most puritanical canon conservatives. It's really all become a pissing contest, with a very slippery slope on who can be the most pure. What exactly is "real" Star Trek? In my years in the fandom, that's always haunted me.

Someone once told me that the "ideal" Star Trek movie/series is essentially a filmed Wikipedia page. No drama, no tension - fanbois just want two hour barrage of facts, figures and bullet points dashed with occasional meta-trivia to make them feel better about their amassed Star Trek knowledge.

Oh dear... Us contemplative uber-fans like the obvious thought and care put into "canon". It's also a point that's been raised before, though infrequently as lengthily as that.  The main thing, however, is that technology isn't what drives the prime-era of Star Trek.  They tried to be consistent; when they said X component did a thing, they tried to make sure it always did that thing, even decades later. However, that wasn't the real focus of the franchise. The real focus were the stories, and the people.  Using the fantastic to tell common stories.  Using the weird and alien to tell very human stories.  It's not a bad thing to say that "it doesn't actually work like that", but technology has always taken a back seat to the story, and that's what got most of their attention and focus.

When Michael Okuda was asked how the transporter's Heisenberg Compensator worked, his answer was very telling: "It works very well, thank you."

S'ten Vastam from STL, convert by Majestic
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