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"She looks like doing Warp 9 standing still."

From 1996 until 2002, the Sovereign Class represented the vehicular face of Star Trek in three TNG films. The Enterprise-E, as she was now called; morphed into a sleeker, aggressive shape, with chiseled lines that also gave a sophisticated and athletic appearance. Gone was the TV friendly ovoid design language and graceful gentleness that characterized her predecessor from 1987. Even as the classic saucer-engineering-nacelle hull configuration was honored, the Sovereign design presented a further evolution of this tried and tested formula. The oval primary hull had tilted ninety degrees forward, her engines elongated into slender units, the distinct neck section was omitted and the overall stardrive mass stretched into an aerodynamic spaceframe. In many ways, the Sovereign's proportions and stance are also reminiscent of the 1984 Excelsior (which became the basis for the Enterprise-B in 1994). Subtle design homages to the 1966 and 1979 Constitutions are also visible in key sections of her slim spaceframe. 

Her overall impression is one of a futuristic performance machine, an aesthetic and technical triumph of form and function. Expected qualities of a vessel designed to take on the likes of the Borg and an increasingly hostile galactic situation during the latter half of the TNG era. Never afraid to kick ass and take names, the Sovereign was further highlighted in numerous appearances as top tier performer in Trek games. While 
the vaunted Enterprise mantle underwent retro and reboot phases in 2001 and 2009, the Sovereign Class remains as Star Trek's finest definition of a modern, cinematic starship that unashamedly looks into the future.

Models by Wiley, Aad Moerman and Unknown_X
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