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Saudi Su-37

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In an alternate timeline...

The Middle East front of the 1998 Soviet Blitzkrieg saw a number of defections from the Russian backed Iraqi Air Force. A notable incident was recorded a week after the "Great Baghdad Furball" - arguably the largest air to air engagement up to that point. In the early hours of May 16, a flight of six Iraqi fighters breached Saudi Arabian airspace. They promptly announced their intent to defect once they were in communication range of coalition forces.

Initially thought to be a ruse, a flight of RSAF F-15C's from Prince Sultan AB were sent to intercept. Much to the chagrin of the Saudis, the Iraqis were flying Su-37 Terminators, which were a menace in the air fighting just a week prior. The Eagle drivers promptly took a defensive stance once in visual range, but the Iraqis maintained a neutral formation and proceeded with their present course. Upon closer inspection, the much feared Sukhois were unarmed. Driving home the point that these pilots had no interest in fighting. The six planes were flown by dissident pilots who grew weary of ongoing conflict. The aircraft that they brought into coalition hands were more interesting however.

The Su-37 was one of the most deadly Soviet fighters ever produced. Based on the earlier Su-27 Flanker, the Su-37 was developed as an all-weather multipurpose machine. Advanced electronics, and thrust vectoring nozzles made it a formidable adversary. The American F-15S and F-22 were the only types capable of truly countering the machine, which the Saudis did not operate.

With its fighter force already halved by the constant fighting, five of the advanced fighters were pressed into service. The Sukhois were assigned to 75 squadron, as special mission aircraft. They handled air defense missions of critical coalition assets. The last example, was sent to the United States for further evaluation.
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