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"Using a compact arrangement, The Hoover Class took a page from 'blended hull' types like the Engle and Magee but with more traditional design ethos. The goal was to keep the individual parts of the vessel close to the center of gravity. Ensuring a more maneuverable and less vulnerable target in combat situations. The finalized vessel was quite large and would serve as an excellent fire support platform with long range torpedoes and a reinforced hull. Its unconventional appearance gave way to unflattering nicknames ('lead sled', 'ugly early') from officers. Additionally, the Hoover's reputation as an 'overbuilt anvil' made it an attractive mobile research platform for Federation scientists."

The starship Svetlana has entered no-man's land. An uncharted portion of the Tenegra Sector saturated with a cacophony of collapsing nebulae and dark matter. Federation physicists that tagged along would certainly have a field day making sense of this phantasmagoria.

Hoover Class and Class C Shuttle from STO,
Conversions by FleetAdmiral01 and Pundus
BG Elements by ERA7

OOC: Lads, we've got a groundbreaking scoop: It turns out that Matt Jeffries was an aircraft engineer, wow gee whiz! 'respecc muh oldies' mmmkay... In other news, water is wet and the sky is blue. :sarcasticclap: It's all fun and games until your favorite gets the wringer - we've all been there, princess.

Wait, the fuck? Isn't this the Millennium Falcon? These damn kids are getting MY franchises confused again! With its wonky vacuum cleaner profile, maybe the "Hoover" class name was deliberate. This beast's primary hull appears to be an early version of the Miranda, with the distinct half saucer and the triangular rear section. Looking closely, the shuttlebay arrangement is interesting. Assuming the front "intakes" have bay doors, the Hoover could plausibly house a large hangar complex for shuttles and support craft. Moving on, the forward thrusting ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°) stardrive section feels like an afterthought - utterly faceted and stealthy like on the Crossfield. Same dish and light bar aesthetic too. The broad pylons and Steamrunner-esque nacelles are what we now expect in DSC levels of "creativity". Overall, the Hoover appears to meet all the requirements for a Trek ship (saucer, drive, nacelles) and proves that Jefferies' basic concepts are still being adhered to (just barely tho). There's just so many ways to interpret the saucer-drive design language. Hell, some even end up looking like self-insert fan fiction ships.
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