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Disregard Authority by Jetfreak-7 Disregard Authority by Jetfreak-7
Cardassian "Q-Bases", as they are often called; conduct clandestine research on the creation of Quantum Singularities and their manipulation. With the potential to create rifts throughout the Space-Time continuum and the added risk of inadvertently dragging entities from beyond the realm of interstellar space. Such activities have been deemed illegal by numerous Alpha Quadrant powers (including the UFP) since the disastrous Dark Moon incident of 2317 and elsewhere.

While the Cardassians continually attempt to deny their existence, several facilities have been documented. First was a partially scuttled installation in the Treva System during the closing months of the Dominion War. A second Q-Base was nearly activated by Kentar's uprising to unleash a deluge of Species 8472 vessels. Construction of Q-Base number three was fortunately halted by the direct intervention of the Klingon House of Tar'Gesh in 2381. And the most recent facility, is rumored to be on the Eiseh-Tuvan Regions, high above the galactic plane.

It is unknown whether this fourth Q-Base belongs to a major political or intelligence faction. There is no reliable data at this time, but cryptic messages hinting of its existence deeply concerns Starfleet planners. The Detapa Council has continued its usual defensive rhetoric as several Federation starships have been sent to investigate.

Models by DJ_Curtis and Aad Moerman
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September 4, 2016
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