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Art is not a Democracy

"The original NCC-1701 was designed by Matt Jefferies himself. Now, imagine what could have happened if it was designed by a committee."

You spend enough time with internet Star Trek forums/communities and one is guaranteed to get a lasting impression. The most vocal and hostile of Trekkies are in fact: disgruntled old farts, with over-inflated opinions; who long for a distorted and selective nostalgia. Whether it is intentional or not, they constantly remind the younger generation that Star Trek in their time was truly special. In other words, its all fancy posturing and divisive fandom politics that thrives on hypocrisy and chest thumping.

So called "classics" can actually be interpreted in many different ways. The secret however, is to always keep an open mind. Continuity is at best a helpful guideline, not rigid dogma. Of course, don't tell that to the fanboys. Hence the endless Artistic License vs Canon debates that often exasperate Trek artists. Furthermore, Star Trek as an artform has so much conflicting restrictions and unwritten rules that it is easy to get confused on what is deemed "acceptable" and downright heresy. It is amusing to observe that the hardcores are always so defensive, (or easily offended) against the slightest change. And if they don't get their way, trust them to retreat to their ivory tower using that damn selective nostalgia as a smoke screen.

But at the end of the day, words are just that, words. Talk is cheap, and no amount of vitriol induced, tersely worded condemnations will deter artists from what they do best. Oh sure, one may possess all the facts and details to the letter. But it takes a completely different skill and mindset to actually sit down and produce visual mediums. The main trick here is to harness that Trek knowledge without the useless negativity. Art is indeed not a democracy, and in my experience, the buck ultimately stops to the one who can actually put their words into action.

"Better for me, better for you. It's better for them... Think about it."
- James T. Kirk, Star Trek IV

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