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Connie, Venator...

By Jetfreak-7
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Dug up this old test render from the archives, part of an old crossover commission project that was sadly discontinued. Perspective and camera aside, I think the KT Connie and Venator are roughly to scale. More or less 725m vs 1200m as estimated by the fandom pedants.

I think that your precious *canon* is like assholes and opinions. Every armchair specialist has one. If the owners of these aging IP's (ST and SW, etc.) listened to the wide array of "personal opinions" of these amateur commentators and self proclaimed "experts", the end result would look like a product designed by a committee (which sadly is how every entertainment piece is designed anyway). And if you don't like it, don't buy it! That's how most decisions are influenced in our society.

PS: I'm all for "respecting the lore" and all that self righteous bullshit, but guess what? I got over it! I still have the so called "classics" in my stable for when I am "in the mood" but again, the market has spoken. Demographics, generation gap, new trends whatever, time marches ever forward. No one is going to mass build something for the stuffy 1% of complainer purists and has-beens longing to live in 1985 again.

You know, in my time wasted in the depths of the fandom, I'm starting to understand why George Lucas finally called it quits. 🤣

Constitution Class by Wiley
Venator Republic Cruiser by Evillejedi
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