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My Bio
Hobbyist graphic designer, digital illustrator/compositor, and game modder. I specialize in technical drawings, graphic design and sci-fi art.

Active member of MSFC:

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Send me a Note for details and pricing.
Kiss Of Death! Black Widows Strike! by StalinDC Sound of the Shiant: USS Galaxy Gets Underway by Rusty0918 Joint Mission by SeekHim
The Sword of Damocles by skywriter33 Where Eagles Fly by skywriter33 Sisters in Spirit by ThrashMetallix

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The Lost Stars Prologue:  Sending The Envoy by anno78 USS Starsong by monkeysuncle30 No Choice. by anno78

Favourite Visual Artist
Mark Styling, Tobias Richter, Rick Sternbach, John Eaves, Ryan Church
Favourite Movies
The Rock, Independence Day, Star Trek: First Contact, Tomorrow Never Dies, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith
Favourite TV Shows
Arrowverse, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Shin Getter Robo, The Grand Tour
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Anime, Film and Video Game score
Favourite Games
Ace Combat, Gran Turismo, Star Trek: Armada 2, NFS Hot Pursuit (2010), Soulcalibur
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC, Playstation
Tools of the Trade
Pen and Paper, Photoshop, 3ds Max, Milkshape 3d
Other Interests
Aviation, Sci-Fi, Gaming, Alternate History, Cars

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ThrashMetallixHobbyist Traditional Artist
Curious do you have Twitter? Mainly asking to see if you post your work elsewhere besides DA. Not really sure what my future will be like here, and I don't wanna miss out on your awesome work.
Jetfreak-7Hobbyist Digital Artist

I'm hearing a few folks are gonna jump ship after *Eclipse* rolls around. I'm kinda getting used to it though despite its flaws.

Emilion-3Hobbyist Writer
Really like your alternate history of the cold war. Been working on some alt history myself.
Jetfreak-7Hobbyist Digital Artist

Aye, it's a fascinating era to work with. Especially the 80s and early 90s years for me. A lot of what-if designs to be made.

Emilion-3Hobbyist Writer
Yeah. Been working on something where Gorbachev is forced out rather earlier.
Kerchan3Hobbyist Digital Artist

This is Kerchan3,

Say, since my specialty lies in mostly drawing Romulan war ships, although I have drawn Federation and other various Star Trek starships but not at least as far as I’m concerned, to the quality that you have so that’s why I am asking you if you could come up with a possible new version of a modified defiant class starship?Since through the Voyager returning with the proper design specifications for the awesome weapon purchased by the Voyager in the Delta Quadrant of the Isokinetic Cannon which was installed by Kovin, a weapons merchant, after having Voyager test the weapons’ power & accuracy! (Kovin was of the Entharan civilization in 2374!) Voyager returned the second time back to Earth in 2377; this was after the Voyager had returned after wandering for 23 years in Space in the Delta Quadrant! Admiral Janeway plotted to return to the Delta Quadrant & meet up with herself, the then Captain Janeway of the Intrepid Class Starship Voyager! After finally talking herself (The Captain version of the Starship Voyager!) into going along with her plan to bring back the USS Voyager with most of her crew intact, as compared to a great many of the key crewmen of the Voyager being killed through various missions & mishaps! Anyway, Captain Janeway returns finally back to Earth (Erasing the Voyager’s 23 year voyage & return to Earth earlier!) in 2377 with, this time, having most of the key crew members onboard!

Granted, the first Dominion War ended in 2375! When Voyager finally returned, war & weapons were probably not primarily on the mind of Starfleet at that time! However, could you create & design an updated version of the Defiant Class Starship but, with a much improved weapons onload as compared to the Voyager’s first designed weapons onload! First, could you include probably directly under the ventral centerline with either a regular sized or shortened version of the Isokinetic Cannon? Next, if you could please improve on the size of Voyager’s dorsal Phasers from Type 10 to possibly Type 15 or maybe even Type 17 or 18 Phasers! The third type weapons should always include the “signature“ weapon of this Defiant Class; the Pulse Phaser Cannons! (Four of them!) Then finally upgrade the Defiant’s forward & aft Torpedo Launchers to probably Quantum II or Singularity Torpedoes forward, with at least the Quantum II Aft! (You can determine the number of torpedoes per forward launchers & number of torpedoes per their aft launchers! The Defiant class was always extremely overpowered & their was plenty of power on this mighty Starship to power & propel these type of weapons! Of course, you should also be able to provide a secondary propulsion system, too! (Possibly a Quantum Slipstream Drive or/ Tetyron Plasma Drive (This type of a Drive was created upon Voyager’s return with the help of Lt. Kim or possibly another Drive in use by this time was the Coaxial Drive!) Thank you for listening to my suggestions & I’m hoping that you might be sble to come up with these new changes to this fabulous Starship! As Lcdr. Worf responded to Cdr. Riker’s joking “slam” to the size of the Defiant Class in comparison to the immense size of the Enterprise-E’s Sovereign Class by saying, “Little”!! Lol!

I’ve been drawing for over 28 years now, first starting out by drawing various common Romulan Class Warships but, I am really impressed with your style of drawing & how well you continue drawing various types of ships & fighters, too!! Especially being a past Air Traffic Controller for 10 years during the first years of my military career before I changed to becoming a Data Analyst my last 12 years in the Navy! (Obviously the F-14D super Tomcat, A-3 Skywarrior (In both the Electronic versions & the Tanker versions for the aircraft carriers), Navy EB-47 (Only 3-5 left stationed out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma while I was a Control Tower Supervisor at Naval Missile Center Pt. Mugu, California), E-2C (Now we have the “D” model!), F-4J with the Rolls Royce engines (Including the one with the Playboy Bunny emblem on its tail), & the OV-10 Bronco twin engined turboprop aircraft! Let me know when you have completed such a version of this Defiant Class Starship; should you decide to draw this interesting ship?

You can call me at 706-829-3732 or email me:


Jetfreak-7Hobbyist Digital Artist

Sir, have you considered the Valiant Class as an alternative?

Disregard Authority

An original design by DJ_Curtis, she pretty much fits the bill of a Gen-2 Defiant variant. She could be feasibly fitted with most of the post-Nemesis toys.