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[c] the Turning Point

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A Scene commission I did for 
Caervec (fa).

There's a story behind this picture: 

It had been nearly a week since the blizzard started, Iskaa had been frantically working to keep everything from being frozen and crushed under snow, having pulled the rest of the convoy in from the hoary hell outside and into the foyer of the library, sealing the entrance with the ruined remains of its once-proud doors, steadied by the supplies that weren't already ruined. In the second building, just across the snow-mired clearing, her Nikolai had been left alone. While she had confidence in him, she worried. Her heart practically flew when the storm abated and at last she was able to clear away the threshold enough to make the crossing. Mikhail had disappeared as soon as the winds broke, it seemed, but she expected he would return soon.

The descent into the greater chambers was swift with the clatter of her hooves echoing through the cavernous halls. Her memory served well from that single day she'd been able to spend down here before the blizzard hit, forcing her to return to oversee the holdout while Nikolai continued the work. But even as she neared the chamber, she felt something...itching in the back of her mind. Like the tiniest gnat, burrowing and buzzing... Incessant. Something was...wrong.

At last stepping into the antechamber of the once great Library of Stone, she found no signs of her Nikolai among the broken empty shelves. The case where they had chanced upon the miracle of miracles, that curious and enormous book of iron, lay empty and...overturned. Where once it stood, a passage was revealed. And from it issued a light. A light that It made her stomach turn and she dashed forward, calling for him. What she found on the other side nearly made her sick.

At once she flew to her love's side, staring into those eyes, bloodshot and manic, wildly scanning the pages of that impossible volume, the depths of the chamber smelling of blood and death. Mikhail was here...he was not moving. Iskaa tried not to look at him as she began to panic. This wasn't right, this couldn't be what it looked like. Heart hammering in her chest, the witch reached out to him, hands grasping his own, grasping him as if she could pluck him from whatever sea of immeasurable darkness he was swallowed in, a scream of desperate fear welling from her. 

"Niko! What is this? Niko, listen to me! You must stop! This isn't you!"

The earth shook. The shadows reached for her. The sky fell. The world faded. A jolt of pain, the most agonizing of searing wounds like a burning lance thrust through her chest brought her to her knees and in an instant, the world ended.

And the nightmares began.
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